What problems have non-standard customized AGVs solved for enterprises?

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Labor costs in China are getting higher and higher, and many manufacturing industries have begun to have more and more urgent needs for automation. With the advent of the era of intelligent technology, factory intelligence has become an irreversible development trend, and non-standard customized AGV intelligent equipment has appeared. It can reduce the intensity of manual labor, reduce high labor costs, and make factory production logistics more intelligent and automated.

Labor issues:injection molding companies are facing difficulties in recruiting, difficult to manage and retain, wages are getting higher and higher, and recruitment costs are rising year by year. There is an urgent need to promote the construction of smart factories to reduce staff and increase efficiency. Omnidirectional transfer platform injection molding machine loading and unloading solution: realize the unmanned automatic transfer from the loading frame of the injection molding machine material export to the buffer area using OMV equipment; OMV equipment can work 24 hours, and the enterprise does not need to have three shifts of work System, the labor cost is reduced by two-thirds.

What problems have non-standard customized AGVs solved for enterprises?

Safety issues: Thecurrent status of the foundry industry. Due to the poor working environment, the probability of safety accidents is high, causing serious brain drain and high turnover of personnel. Solution for molten iron transfer machine in foundry workshop: realize automatic pick-up, transportation, dumping and return of molten iron. The automatic handling system of molten iron completely changes the traditional operation mode; automatic unmanned operation, 24-hour three-shift continuous production, prevention The occurrence of safety accidents minimizes costs and improves efficiency.

Efficiency issue: In theexisting production workshop, when the fabric rolls are transported, they are generally placed on flat carts for transportation. Flat carts are generally low and require manual lifting of the fabric rolls from the flatbed, which takes time and effort. Low efficiency and large amount of manual labor. Yarn roll warehouse roll materials automatic docking and transfer solution: solve the problems of automatic handling, up and down loading and unloading of cloth rolls, reduce manual operations, and improve work efficiency. Realize the task of controlling the transfer between the two axle warehouses of the yarn rollers, the loading and unloading of the production line yarn rollers and the loading and unloading tasks of the buffer warehouse, saving time and effort, solving the problem of laborious manual transport of yarn carts, and greatly liberating the labor intensity of the operators .

What problems have non-standard customized AGVs solved for enterprises?

Cost problem:Due to the large size and complex curved surface of wind turbine blades, it is difficult to polish and polish. Manual polishing has been relied on for a long time. Manual polishing has low efficiency, high labor intensity, difficult to guarantee polishing quality and serious dust pollution, harsh operating environment, and easy to use. Workers are sick, so their wages are relatively high. Wind energy blade automatic polishing solution: The robot automatic polishing system has high polishing efficiency. It only takes 3-4 hours to polish a blade, and its polishing efficiency is more than 10 times that of manual polishing. It can be operated for 24 hours without occupational health risks. , It is estimated that the equipment cost can be recovered in 2-4 years.

In the era of Industry 4.0, automation occupies a very important position. Non-standard customized AGV can reduce unreasonable wasteful operations, ensure product quality, reduce costs, and improve production efficiency, thereby making enterprises profitable.


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