There is a big “revolution” in factory production and handling. How powerful is the AGV robot?

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AGV stands for "Automated Guided Transport Vehicle". This concept originated in Europe and the United States. The development in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea is relatively mature, and it was introduced into China at the end of the last century. This kind of automated guided transport vehicle can be widely used in manufacturing scenes such as automobiles, chemicals, medicine, food and beverage, and warehousing and logistics industry scenes such as airports and docks. Its appearance has brought changes in factory logistics and modernized automatic production. The person-to-efficiency ratio in

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Especially in the process of industrial intelligent transformation, the intelligent handling system in the factory is one of the links with the highest rate of intelligent transformation, and it is also a checkpoint connecting the physical logistics and information flow in the factory . Since its inception, Lenovo Venture Capital's invested company Ai Jiwei has focused on independent research and development of AGVs with no logo navigation technology. Especially in AGV navigation technology, Aijiwei breaks the barriers of traditional AGV navigation technology that rely on reflectors, QR codes, and magnetic stripes. In 2013, we independently researched and developed the world's first AGV without reflector laser navigation forklift, making AGV an independent robot, eliminating the biggest obstacle that AGV is difficult to use flexibly, creating suitable conditions for the application of AGV in changing environments, and truly realizing intelligent scheduling, The whole process of handling and production is flexible .

In its cooperation with the benchmark customer Sailun Group, the efficiency of the factory has been greatly improved. The application of 53 mirrorless laser navigation forklift AGVs saved nearly 50 forklift workers, 20 manual forklifts, and some operators. , Making the tire factory an unmanned factory, saving about 10 million labor and equipment costs every year, and promoting the transformation of logistics handling within the factory from personnel-intensive to technology-intensive.

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Aijiwei AGV operates in Sailun factory

Aijiwei’s main product, “Reflectorless Laser Navigation Forklift AGV”, does not need to pave the road, and a complete map can be built in the system within 15 minutes. When an obstacle is encountered in front of the non-reflective laser autonomous navigation, it can bypass and update the map in real time. Based on the reflector laser navigation technology, the company launched the AGV product line of handling robots including forklift AGV (stacking, forward shifting, counterweight), AGV trolley (latent jacking, knapsack), including intelligent factory informatization logistics software WMS, Integrated unmanned warehouse transportation solutions such as WCS and RFID.

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Unmanned warehouse transportation solution

At present, Aijiwei's customers have covered tires, automobiles, clothing and textiles, 3C electronics, home appliances, machinery manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, paper and other industries. The market is all over the country and exported to Europe and the United States. With 300+ customer application cases precipitated, Aijiwei empowers smart logistics and smart manufacturing, and helps more companies to transform their production and handling models .

It is understood that CeMAT ASIA 2019, the Asian logistics conference, will kick off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from October 23rd to 26th. A variety of AGVs under the label-free navigation technology independently developed by Aijiwei, as well as linked operation and unmanned warehouse transportation solutions will be unveiled at the conference.

In addition to stacking forklift AGV and carrying jacking AGV trolley, Aijiwei will launch a new product forward-moving stacker AGV, which can realize production line docking, material handling, high-level stacking and other functions. The product navigation method belongs to the non-reflector laser autonomous navigation series, which is functionally high stacking (10 meters), high precision (±10mm), large load (2 tons), and realizes fully automatic storage and retrieval of goods on high shelves on site .

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In recent years, the Chinese AGV market has developed rapidly, accounting for about one-third of the global market share. According to market research and consulting agency Tractica, the global market for warehousing and logistics robots will reach 22.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2021. The prospects are worth looking forward to. , Industry innovation will create more value.


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