What is the AGV parking system for driverless and automatic parking?

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As an important part of the field of mobile robots, AGV has been widely used in many fields such as civil, military and even aerospace, which has promoted the progress of technology and production efficiency in related fields. With the vigorous development of Industry 4.0 and the robotics industry, the application of AGV in the emerging logistics industry, mobile service robots and other fields has also expanded rapidly, and has shown great influence. Intelligent AGV parking equipment faces the difficulty of urban parking, and transports and stores vehicles through high density, high efficiency, high safety and high reliability. However, AGV has the possibility of integrating with intelligent parking on certain occasions due to its strong site adaptability and flexible planning of transportation paths. Therefore, it has also received the attention of the intelligent parking equipment industry.

AGVs have been used in warehousing applications that require automation. This is a new concept for using them in automated parking systems. The vehicle is parked on the platform of the transfer cabin and then collected by the AGV. The AGV drives under the vehicle platform, lifts it, and then moves it out of the transfer cabin and enters the system.

What is the AGV parking system for driverless and automatic parking?

In 2016, Shanghai Convergence successively developed three types of intelligent unmanned automatic parking robots and ultra-thin gripping car carriers in the field of smart parking. Combining the developed automatic navigation system, multi-vehicle dispatching system and mobile phone APP, car owners do not need to enter the garage, and the "Hui Parking" will park and pick up the car on their behalf, which can realize the full automatic unmanned access to the car. Compared with the traditional parking method, the parking garage can increase the inventory capacity by 20% to 60%. At the same time, it provides a full range of intelligent parking solutions for traditional parking equipment manufacturers.

AGV parking robots are mainly for the renovation of old parking lots in urban areas and new parking lots. The high-efficiency clamping tire and movable comb exchange methods that can greatly reduce the height of the floor, the amount of civil construction changes, reduce or no civil construction costs, and exchange high efficiency will be important development directions in the future.


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