Pepperl+Fuchs launches a new generation of lidar for AGV applications

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As a pioneer in the field of industrial sensors, Pepperl+Fuchs began to enter the Chinese market in 1994. Over the past 25 years, China's industrial development has been changing with each passing day. Pepperl+Fuchs has been continuously advancing the exploration of new application scenarios and solutions in the new era.

A new product for the AGV industry-4-line laser LiDAR- R2300

With the continuous development of AGV industry technology, the application of laser navigation AGV in China is gradually expanding, and the market demand for laser sensors is also increasing. At the CEMAT logistics exhibition at the end of October this year, Pepperl+Fuchs also demonstrated its A new generation sensor used in the AGV industry-4-line laser LiDAR-R2300.

Pepperl+Fuchs's 4-line laser LiDAR- R2300 can not only be used for collision avoidance, but also for environmental scanning and detection prediction; based on pulse ranging technology (PRT), it has the characteristics of high precision and noise resistance; even at a long detection distance It can also achieve very good accuracy; and is not subject to background interference. No matter how long the running time, the measured value will not shift; it is not interfered by external light sources, and mutual installation without interference. Insensitive to the surface color of the target, almost no difference in black and white; insensitive to changes caused by environmental influences ;Even in cold storage applications where the temperature is as low as -30 °C, it can reliably operate an economical and practical multi-layer scanner for three-dimensional object perception; high sampling rate and precise light spot are used for positioning, object classification and navigation Ideal for supporting tasks.

In addition to the R2300, Pepperl+Fuchs R2000 series laser scanners have high accuracy with an angular resolution of up to 0.014 degrees, 360-degree measurement without dead angles, and a fast response with a scanning frequency of 100Hz, which meets customers' needs for high precision and efficiency. At the same time, the R2000 series custom display interface has a friendly and user-friendly design. Since its launch, it has been widely used in the AGV industry. Pepperl+Fuchs product specialist Zhou Wei said, “In fact, R2300 is not an upgraded product of R2000. They have their own advantages and applicable environments. We hope to better meet different industries. Various individual needs of customers."

The future: hardware-based, customization supplemented

Compared with other manufacturers who will provide customers with supporting software algorithms, Pepperl+Fuchs has mainly provided customers with hardware products for a long time. Zhou Wei said, “This is actually a positioning of the company. Now many customers in China are getting stronger and stronger. Customers can formulate algorithms according to their needs and combine them with the cloud data provided by Pepperl+Fuchs to develop customized solutions that suit them. Program."

Pepperl+Fuchs launches a new generation of lidar for AGV applications

Therefore, Pepperl+Fuchs will provide customers with hardware products based on customer needs. Of course, Pepperl+Fuchs will increasingly tend to provide customers with customized software services.

In recent years, domestic core component companies have developed rapidly, especially in the field of laser sensors. There are many companies, and even Huawei has begun to enter this field. As a foreign company, does Pepperl+Fuchs feel the pressure?

Pepperl+Fuchs launches a new generation of lidar for AGV applications

Pepperl+Fuchs said that the pressure is certain, and they are also making some changes in response to market changes and launching some new technologies and applications. However, at the same time, product specialist Zhou Wei also mentioned, "We have actually compared some domestic sensors. In the AGV industry, our R2000 is currently a product with relatively high precision on the market. There are not many with the same parameter level." Zhou Wei believes that "laser sensors actually have a certain threshold. It does not mean that you can enter if you want to enter. It requires a certain amount of technology and experience accumulation, although many domestic companies are also To do this, but compared with foreign countries, the entire domestic laser sensor industry started relatively late, and it may take some time to accumulate to reach the same technological level."

Today, Pepperl+Fuchs has provided efficient, professional and intelligent solutions for many industrial fields including AGVs and forklifts. In the future, based on the accumulation of existing technologies, Pepperl+Fuchs will continue to introduce more suitable products as the industry develops.


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