AGV robot transfer vehicles under 5G network technology are more efficient

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With the upgrading of income and consumption and the development of intelligent manufacturing, the scale of my country's automated logistics equipment market has grown rapidly in recent years. AGV is one of the important equipment for automated logistics. With the development of automated logistics in the future, the market prospect of AGV will be very good. With the rapid development of logistics systems, the scope of application of AGV transfer vehicles continues to expand. AGV systems can be widely used in industries, military, transportation, electronics and other fields, and have good environmental adaptability.

AGV uses 5G's more efficient transmission rate than Wi-Fi and a more reliable transmission method, which provides sufficient technical guarantee for multi-AGV collaborative operation technology. In addition, the number of 5G communication devices that can be connected to the Internet has increased by 10-100 times, and the coverage area is wider (the transmission distance is up to 10KM), which means that the overall data information can be better obtained due to the improvement of network technology, and it can provide more effective and quicker data analysis. It also saves the cost of network communication to a certain extent.

AGV robot transfer vehicles under 5G network technology are more efficient

Interactive collaborative design between AGV robots . Multiple cooperative AGVs are assigned as masters and slaves according to their roles, and coordination modules are deployed in the AGV navigation system. Currently, Shanghai Converged OMV navigation technology includes magnetic navigation, magnetic stripe navigation, visual V-SLAM navigation, laser SLAM navigation, laser navigation, and two-dimensional code navigation. The company’s products include magnetic stripe navigation AGV, QR code navigation AGV, laser navigation AGV, etc., as well as subtly, towed, storage, backpack, lift, forklift and other service function AGV trolleys. The products are rich and meet different requirements. Customer needs, can provide customers with a comprehensive AGV application program, which can be customized.

The AGV robot is a very important module in the smart factory. From the smart mechanical equipment in the smart factory, automatic loading and unloading, to completely unmanned logistics transportation, it is an important link. The collaborative operation technology of multiple AGV transfer vehicles based on 5G technology can easily realize the transportation of large materials, thus filling the blank market in the fields of chemical industry, aerospace, railway, bridge construction and so on.


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