Market innovation AGV robots, intelligent unmanned forklifts provide solutions

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With the innovation of logistics technology, more and more intelligent equipment is used to deposit and withdraw goods, such as AGV intelligent unmanned forklifts , which store the goods on the shelf or take it out of the shelf, and then move the goods to another according to the instructions. Specify the location, the whole process no longer needs manual operation, which greatly reduces labor costs, and also reduces human errors or dangers that may be caused when manually accessing the goods. However, due to the limitation of the fork length of the conventional AGV forklift, it cannot be transported too large. , Too long or too high material pallets to the multi-layer shelf location.

The automated warehousing material transportation project signed by Convergence Automation and a public security warehouse in a certain place realizes intelligent robot operations, cargo pallet transfer, upper and lower shelves, storage, storage, and storage. Multi-vehicle scheduling, intelligent forklifts transport pallets into designated shelves through planned paths according to instructions, work in narrow lanes, shelf aisle width of 2.3 meters, multi-layer shelf storage, and a maximum lifting height of 7 meters. Realize the automatic entry and exit of goods, change the cumbersome manual handling, safe and reliable, and avoid frequent personnel entering and leaving the warehouse causing unnecessary losses to the finished product.

1. Overall advantages:1. Make full use of traditional warehouse construction conditions, pallet racks and other resources, and lower investment costs;2. Narrow aisle operation mode, increase warehouse inventory per unit area;3. Simple structure, short construction period;4. Available Randomly adjust the number of shelves according to the warehouse business volume and increase the number of OMV vehicles to cope with business peaks;5. Automation equipment replaces labor and saves human resource costs.

Market innovation AGV robots, intelligent unmanned forklifts provide solutions

2. Narrow aisle operations:①The shelf aisle width is 2.3 meters, and the outer dimensions of the OMV intelligent forklift body are customized according to the pallet size and shelf gap, making full use of the storage area between the shelves and the shelves to increase the storage volume;②The bottom layer of goods is placed on the ground , The use of a forward-moving forklift can easily achieve the ground placement of the bottom layer of goods.

3. Multi-layer shelf operations:

①The maximum lift is 7 meters (higher height of the intelligent unmanned forklift in the industry), which can meet the requirements of automatically transporting the pallets to the multi-layer shelf location to realize the four-layer shelf;②The omnidirectional movement function: the OMV intelligent forward forklift adopts the microphone The Nam wheel and four wheels are independently driven, and the omnidirectional movement function can realize the movement function in any direction in the two-dimensional plane, including straight, horizontal, oblique, arbitrary curve movement, 360°rotation and other omnidirectional movement forms, which are in contact with the ground The material is high-strength polyurethane material, which does not damage the ground during movement.

4. Multi-vehicle dispatching operation: the goods pallets are transferred to the shelves, using the WMS dispatching system, the forward forklift transports the pallets into the designated shelves according to the instructions through the planned path, and the intelligent forklift system controls the forklift dual-vehicle dispatching and realizes self-entry Specify the location, and can automatically return to the location and return to the parking area.

Nowadays, warehouse management is developing in the general direction of automation technology, intelligent design and unmanned. Compared with traditional warehouses, automated warehouse intelligent unmanned forklifts can improve space utilization, speed up cargo storage, reduce labor intensity, and improve operations. effectiveness.


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