The composition and function of AGV car monitoring system

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At present, AGV carts have been used in various fields, especially in industries with more handling work. AGV carts have become a new trend to replace manual handling. How to carry out efficient and accurate real-time monitoring of AGV car is the main problem that AGV car needs to solve at present.
The composition and function of AGV car monitoring system
       The AGV car monitoring system is mainly composed of three parts: the perception layer, the transmission layer, and the control application layer. It combines the wireless transmission, monitoring system, cloud computing and other functions for precise work. The perception layer has GPS locator, camera and other equipment to complete the operation of the AGV car running status, such as driving speed, direction of travel, end point positioning, etc., which greatly enhances the controllability of the AGV car operation. The transmission layer connects to the sensing layer equipment, completes the remote transmission of data and receives control commands, and transmits the information quickly and accurately. The control application layer realizes the real-time monitoring of the running state of the AGV car through the reception of the data of the perception layer, and at the same time completes the control of the AGV car, which can facilitate better visibility of the real-time operation of the car.

       The AGV car has a variety of sensors. Once it notices that there is an obstacle in the direction of travel, it can stop running in time or modify its own running direction immediately, which increases the safety during the handling process and reduces a lot of manual handling costs. This is a lot of enterprises The main reason for choosing AGV car. At the same time, a camera is connected to the front of the AGV car, which can monitor the real-time transportation status in real time through a large screen, computer or mobile phone. The gateway also has a powerful edge computing capability, which can effectively perform local calculations on the data, and can complete the processing of AGV car data without transmitting the data to the cloud, which is more convenient and fast.


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