What are the core components of the AGV car?

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In the logistics industry, the AGV car has become the focus of the people in the logistics and warehousing, and because the major advantages of the AGV car stand out as a powerful killer in the new round of market competition among major enterprises. The AGV car manufacturer Mi Ke Limei introduces you to the core components of the AGV robot.

What are the core components of the AGV car?

AGV car core components

1. The skeleton of the AGV car - the fuselage body: Since the AGV car has so far obtained a large-scale application market, mainly in the enterprise warehousing and cargo reloading transportation, the AGV car is also developing towards multi-functionality, high speed and flexibility.

2, the nerve system of the AGV car - smart sensor: This is an important indicator to test whether the AGV car is sensitive. It is reported that in addition to the traditional sensor technology such as position, speed and acceleration, the AGV car also combines the data provided by new intelligent sensors such as machine vision and force feedback to assist decision-making motion control, so that the AGV car can adapt to more complex application environments.

3, AGV car's motor nerve - navigation technology: AGV car navigation technology has been developed from a fixed path to a free navigation path, which also means that the AGV car is more intelligent. At present, the commonly used navigation technologies include autonomous laser navigation, magnetic strip navigation, inertial navigation, differential GPS navigation, etc. Some have mature practical application cases, and some already have market application conditions.

4, the brain of the AGV car - controller: AGV car control technology is mainly to improve the system compatibility and scalability of the AGV car, so that people who use it have a better operating experience. At present, the stable and reliable distributed bus structure has become the mainstream control trend.


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