AGV technical performance detailed parameters

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1. The vehicle adopts a 6-wheel structure, the front / rear is the load wheel, and the middle of the load wheel is the drive wheel;

AGV technical performance detailed parameters2. A sound and light alarm device is installed above the AGV car body. During driving, the AGV car will emit a flashing warning light and a warning sound.

3. The AGV is equipped with an emergency stop button, which can be pressed under special circumstances to make the AGV car stop unconditionally.

4. The AGV has a parameter modification password. Only personnel with a password can modify the AGV working parameters to prevent unauthorized personnel from modifying the AGV car parameters without permission.

5. The AGV car is equipped with an off-line protection function. When the guidance signal of the driving path is abnormal, the AGV stops immediately and issues an off-line alarm to prevent damage caused by the AGV being out of control.

6. The AGV drive is equipped with an automatic overload function. When overloaded, the AGV drive will alarm and stop running.

7. The running speed of the trolley can be adjusted, and the adjustment range is 0-40m / min.

8. The car has multiple safety mechanisms: obstacle detection alarm, safety bumper, derailment alarm, emergency stop button, walking sound and light warning, etc.

9. When the collision bumper touches the obstacle, the car stops immediately, and the car needs to be restarted manually after the obstacle is lifted.

10. Obstacle detection: The maximum detection distance is 3m, deceleration can be achieved within a distance of 1-3m, and parking can be achieved within a distance of 0.5-1m; when an obstacle is detected, the car automatically slows down and stops, and the car automatically resumes operation after the obstacle is lifted.

11. The AGV car is controlled by the internal single-chip computer and PLC to control the running state of the whole car, and the running state of the car can be displayed through the panel indicator lights. The trolley has 2 states, and automatic and manual. In manual mode, operate the trolley with the button. Each car is equipped with a wireless communication device, which can realize point-to-point communication in a small workshop, and automatically achieve avoidance and collision avoidance at intersections. The independent communication method avoids the dependence on the central control system to the greatest extent, greatly improving the reliability of the system.

12. Use the advanced low-frequency RFID card reading system to read the electronic ground buried in the ground. Compared with the high-frequency card reader system, the low-frequency card reader system has the advantages of small size and strong anti-interference ability. AGV signal transmission is not interfered by the signal of mobile phones, interphones and other equipment.


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