Large AGV market capacity, broad industry development prospects

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AGV is a transport vehicle equipped with an automatic guidance device that can travel along a prescribed path. It has programming and parking selection devices, safety protection devices and various material transfer functions on the vehicle body. It is also called an automatic guided transport vehicle. , Automatic guided trolley, mobile robot.

Large AGV market capacity, broad industry development prospects
AGV has good flexibility and high reliability, can reduce the demand for labor in the factory, improve the safety of product equipment in transportation, and is easy to install and maintain. Compared with Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV) and conveyor belt, AGV occupies less space and requires less energy, lower noise during operation, and easier path change.

Today, with the high level of human capital, reducing various costs of an enterprise and realizing automated management have become an important strategic subject for enterprise research. AGV can be used in various types of manufacturing enterprises to carry materials, products, assembly and traction or replace the repetitive intermediate human logistics, such as automobile manufacturing, machining, electronics, textile, papermaking, cigarettes, food, printing , Book publishing and other industries.

At present, the domestic AGV market share has exceeded 90%. Foreign brands mainly occupy the high-end AGV market, while Chinese domestic companies mainly occupy the low-end market. Domestic companies such as Xinsong Robot, Kunchuan, Machinery, Kejin, Guozi, Yifeng, Aiwei, Mitutoyo, Jiashun, and Jiateng all have AGV products, but most of them use imported components for domestic assembly. Measures, the import of core components, and the body used Linde, Hangzhou fork, Jungheinrich and other forklifts, the production of AGV products serious homogeneity.

According to the "In-depth Research and Forecast on the Development Prospects of the Chinese AGV Industry Market 2019-2024" released by the Xinsijie Industry Research Center, from 2014 to 2018, with the improvement of AGV technology and the increase in demand, investment in the AGV industry has increased significantly. The number of companies in the industry has also continued to increase, driving the output growth of the AGV industry, and the output growth rate has remained between 29.6% and 92.8%. Among them, the output of China's AGV industry was 3,000 in 2014; the output of China's AGV industry was 20,501 in 2018.

The application of AGV trolleys has replaced traditional manual handling methods, greatly improving the automation level of labor production and logistics systems, thereby improving the accuracy of each link in the production process, reducing production costs, and being more adaptable to modern management methods. Nowadays, the level of automation and cost control has become the key to the competitiveness of the company's product market, and it is inseparable from the efficiency of the company. Xinsijie industry researchers believe that with the continuous maturity of AGV technology, more and more enterprises have begun to use AGV. The market for AGV demand is broad, the market capacity is large, and the profitability is good.


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