Parking, pickup in less than 150 seconds, AGV robots help you park

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Recently, the intelligent three-dimensional parking lot at the northwest corner of the intersection of Taikang Road and Shifu Street in Luolong District has been put into trial operation. The parking lot covers an area of ​​5031 square meters and a construction area of ​​9244 square meters. It has a total of 5 floors and can provide 313 parking spaces, radiating to many surrounding residential areas, shopping malls, enterprises and institutions.

It is reported that the parking lot applies new technologies such as big data and the Internet of Things to realize the automatic induction switch of the garage door. The owner only needs to drive the car into the hall, robots can help with calibration and handling, and can reserve a parking space through the APP ... This is Luoyang It is one of the important measures implemented by the city to solve the problem of unattended intelligent parking system leading to traffic jams. During the trial operation, citizens can park for free.

Parking, pickup in less than 150 seconds, AGV robots help you park

The driver can leave after entering the entrance of the parking lot, and click "Save" on the display screen at the entrance, and the "laser navigation + comb-tooth exchange" intelligent AGV robot in the parking lot will be instructed to transfer Move to a free space in the parking lot. When picking up the car, as long as you enter the license plate number, the AGV robot will transport the car out of the garage. The parking and picking up process will take less than 150 seconds.

Lin Fan, the person in charge of the parking lot project, introduced that in the entire parking lot, an AGV robot is responsible for "on duty" on each floor. With the help of laser navigation and data transmission, it can accurately find free parking spaces. It will also actively stop moving when it encounters obstacles to avoid collisions and bumps. Moreover, every time the car is stored and picked up, it will return to its fixed resting place to charge and stand by at any time.

There are two laser scanners in each entrance of the parking lot, one high and one low. They are used to determine the height and size of the vehicle. The lower one is 1.55 meters above the ground and the higher one is 1.95 meters above the ground. If the vehicle is high or large, the scanner will notify the system to allocate the vehicle to the relatively spacious first floor.


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