Do you know the design principles of unmanned forklifts?

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With the continuous development of intelligent manufacturing, more and more enterprises have applied automated logistics systems to intelligent production workshops, and AGV is a key setting in automated logistics systems, so it is widely used in manufacturing. AGV is mainly used for the transportation of materials in automated logistics systems. It has a high degree of intelligence and automation. It is convenient for workers to schele and manage in automated logistics systems, which can improve the flexibility and production efficiency of the entire system.
AGV Product Introduction and Features:

Do you know the design principles of unmanned forklifts?

Path optimization:

The optimization algorithm dynamically calculates the walking path of the moving vehicle in real time, thereby ensuring the optimal path, automatically avoiding the congested road section, the earliest time of arrival, and achieving the lowest utilization rate of the storage robot.

Intelligent scheduling:

Based on multiple information such as the current order structure, shelf storage status, station load, and robot position, the system automatically optimizes the combination of orders, shelves, robots, and stations to select the optimal solution to achieve efficient goods-to-person

Multi-customer operations:

Supports two modes of independent storage and mixed storage of goods in multi-customer operations, and both can achieve accurate and timely delivery, while accurately calculating various operating costs, and support the personalized setting of customer residency

Flexible management, excellent comprehensive application effect

It can save 70% of manpower, use less car and storage space, use a lot of color and error prevention management, and have real-time and traceability.


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