Chinese AGV companies will participate in the MODEX 2020 Atlanta Logistics Show

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The 2020 Atlanta International Logistics Exhibition, MOTEX, will be held on March 9, local time at the Zurich World Conference Center in Atlanta, USA. The exhibits include material handling equipment and systems, inventory management and control technology, terminal and warehouse equipment and supplies, automatic equipment Other equipment and systems, supply chain management and packaging, containers and transportation equipment. Companies such as Shenzhen Hairou Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Oulei Laser Technology Co., Ltd., and Guangdong Jiateng Robot Automation Co., Ltd. in the Chinese AGV industry will participate in this exhibition to showcase their innovative solutions and new technologies.

Copier system HAIPICK, which is under Hairou Innovation, started in 2015. It is the earliest box storage robot system developed and put into commercial use. Management platform consists of HAIQ. The Cooper robot has a control accuracy of about 3mm, and has functions such as intelligent picking and handling, autonomous navigation, and automatic charging. The Cooper intelligent management system HAIQ can handle the needs issued by business-related systems to help achieve the prediction and monitoring of robot health, and ensure Hundred robots dispatch and manage at the same time.

Oulei Laser is a Lidar manufacturer and solution provider. Oulei Laser's 2D mini lidar is designed for small robots or forklifts, but it takes up more space in the car and can adapt to a variety of models. Ou Lei Laser's sensing system based on lidar enables robots to autonomously complete navigation and obstacle avoidance, while solving the pain points of traditional magnetic tile navigation. Ou Lei Laser's navigation obstacle avoidance solution has become a robot's precise sensing and efficient operation. Effective protection.

Chinese AGV companies will participate in the MODEX 2020 Atlanta Logistics Show

Established in 2002, Guangdong Jiateng Robot Automation Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development and sales of AGV and intelligent material distribution solutions since 2005. It has launched 6 generations of AGV and is the earliest Chinese robot company exported to Europe. In 2016, the Chinese robot achieved zero red dot breakthrough. The "Little White Dolphin" of Jiateng Robot won the Red Dot The Best award, and the "Bumblebee AGV" won the Red Dot honorable Mention award.

MODEX in 2020 is a platform for industry-leading suppliers to showcase their innovative solutions and new technologies. AGV has now become a powerful assistant for intelligent handling, with diversified work forms and extensive industrial applications. With the rapid development of e-commerce in recent years, the logistics industry and manufacturing industry are facing new industrial structure adjustments, and automation has become one of the preferred technology application conditions. The development space of the AGV industry is huge. Chinese companies went abroad to participate in foreign exhibitions, demonstrating the advantages of Chinese companies in intelligent logistics.


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