AGILOX exhibits intelligent guidance trolley IGV at MOTEX 2020

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The News Center reported that from 9th to 12th March 2020, at the Georgia World Conference Center in Atlanta, at MOXX 2020, AGILOX North America Co., Ltd. exhibited the AGILOX Intelligent Guided Vehicle (IGV) at booth 8805.

AGILOX exhibits intelligent guidance trolley IGV at MOTEX 2020

In contrast to stationary conveyor technology, AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) allow for the automated transport of materials and goods in industrial environments. AGILOX successfully created a new disruptive product group that will replace AGV with true swarm intelligence and no restrictions on freedom of movement in the future.

Unlike AGV, IGV does not have a central control system to manage all vehicles in a fleet and plan the most efficient route for them. IGV relies on swarm intelligence: each car independently calculates the best route and exchanges this information with other cars in the fleet in real time. This way, each vehicle will get the latest and most accurate information about its surroundings at any given moment, including potential obstacles on the route. Each individual vehicle provides continuous updates on the current surrounding environment and therefore provides "real-time" traffic conditions. You can compare this situation to traffic congestion. Drivers in traffic jams will always get the most accurate information about street conditions.

AGILOX exhibits intelligent guidance trolley IGV at MOTEX 2020

IGV has the following characteristics:

True fleet intelligence, direct communication in all areas between vehicles

No control system, open interface, can be debugged by any number of examples

Not limited by the type of commissioning system

Dynamic order allocation and situation-dependent reallocation,

Continuous route evaluation, dynamic route

Unrestricted freedom of movement

Based on current maximum exercise energy efficiency

The latest energy transmission and storage systems

Flexible load processing capabilities

Automatic conversion to defined operating tools or

Provide at least the necessary interfaces

Can be integrated into the customer's environment in the shortest possible time

AGILOX is an internal development, from the smallest mechanical details to the complete source code, with 100% innovation with many advantages, taking internal logistics to a new level. AGILOXIGV is mainly used for production logistics, and is designed to supply and dispose of production facilities in tight spaces.

Specification Details

Driving philosophy Four-way drive, omnidirectional

Lifting concept electric, dual spindle, single or double scissors

Lifting height 500 mm / 1000 mm

Load 1,000 kg

1.4 m / s max

Battery concept LiFePO4 with battery management system

Dimensional drawing 1,510 mm x 800 mm x 1,850 mm (length x width x height)


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