AGV wireless LAN configuration requirements are as follows

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1. Each terminal of the AGV system (wireless AP, car wireless client, host, PLC) needs to be assigned to a network segment, and a fixed static IP is assigned. Such as

2. Because AGV and our daily wireless clients (mobile phones, laptops, PDAs, etc.) have very different requirements for network roaming, ordinary wireless clients are basically disconnected and reconnected between APs Mechanisms. The AGV must be a fast roaming mechanism at the level of 100 milliseconds between APs. Only in this way, the AGV can communicate with the host in real time to ensure traffic control and status updates.

Therefore, we strongly recommend the use of MOXA's wireless AP: AWK-1131A. Other brands may have the risk of not supporting fast roaming at the 100 millisecond level.

AGV wireless LAN configuration requirements are as follows

3. The wireless AP uses the 2.4GHz frequency band. Please set the channels to 1, 6, 11, and cellular arrangements to prevent co-channel interference between adjacent APs.

4. According to our project experience, the coverage of MOXA's wireless AP: AWK-1131A is a radius of 25 meters. If there is a wall, it will be shortened by 50%.

5. The signal strength needs to be maintained between 30-60dBm.


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