Interface between AGV system and WMS

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Interface between AGV system and WMS:

Interface between AGV system and WMSThe interface between AGV automatic scheduling system and WMS is mainly through the database intermediate interface table and real-time message.

(1). Database intermediate table mode

The information interface of WMS. And AGV automatic scheduling system can use intermediate database to exchange data. The intermediate database can use a relational database management system such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle to establish a common AGV job table, AGV job history table, job status table, job type table, job priority table, user table, authority table in the intermediate database , Login log table, operation log table, etc., create a flag field in the intermediate table, the meaning of this field includes new data, read data, feedback data, read feedback data completion, delete flag, etc., through the change of the flag field value (Update, insert, delete) to complete the data interaction.

(2). Real-time message mode

In the WMS system realized by real-time data message mode, if it needs to interface with the AGV automatic scheduling system, the real-time message mode is adopted. This method adopts TCP / IP communication method, in which WMS system is used as the server of the message, and AGV automatic scheduling system is used as the client of the message, and the data interface is performed according to different communication protocols provided by different WMS manufacturers.

① Interface structure (see Figure 3)

② Communication protocol

a. Point-to-point connection between WMS (server) and AGV automatic scheduling system, including full-duplex secure message communication protocol.

b. With flow control and handshake exchange mechanism for safe data transmission between systems.

c. The transmitted data can be ASCII or hexadecimal.

The seamless connection between the AGV system and WMS realizes the unity of production logistics and information flow of the enterprise, and plays an important role in enhancing the automation level of the enterprise's production process. With 10 years of actual combat experience, Ou Kai can add functions such as AGV fault alarm, complex road traffic control, remote upgrade and maintenance of the system and efficient use of WMS according to the actual needs of users, fully realize intelligent warehouse management, and build a one-stop combination of software and hardware solution.


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