AGV lithium battery safety precautions

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In recent years, AGV lithium battery trolleys have completely replaced traditional human-machine transportation methods with the characteristics of high intelligence, automation and controllability. The era of fully intelligent machines has arrived. Regardless of the mode of transportation, safety must be first and foremost.

The safety hazards of AGV lithium battery car mainly come from its internal power source ---- lithium battery. Due to the unstable characteristics of lithium battery, there are many places to pay attention to. For example, do not over-discharge, do not disassemble at will, etc. If any abnormal battery is found to have serious deformation, odor, leakage, or unexplained sound, stop using it immediately.

AGV lithium battery safety precautions

AGV lithium battery

The external environment is also a major reason for the safety of AGV lithium battery trolleys. When working or storing AGV, it needs to be protected from direct sunlight, dry and ventilated, and no heat source nearby. When transporting and unloading lithium batteries, care must be taken to avoid accidents such as dropping and heavy pressure. After 12 hours of continuous charging, the charger does not change lights or the surface becomes hot, so you need to stop charging immediately.


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