AGV helps factories quickly realize automation

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  With the development of the automation level of my country's manufacturing industry, AGV trolleys play an important role in factory logistics automation. It can realize unmanned handling, reduce production costs, and improve factory economic benefits. In recent years, the technology of AGV trolleys has been improved and improved, making it easier to operate and more flexible, which makes AGV trolleys more popular in the manufacturing industry and have a wider range of applications.

AGV helps factories quickly realize automation

AGV car

  Factory automation includes production automation and logistics automation. At present, most factories have realized production automation, and the level of logistics automation is still at a low level. It is understood that most manufacturing industries still use traditional manual trailers for transportation, requiring a lot of manual intervention, and the low level of automation has affected the further development of enterprises. Faced with this situation, we need the AGV system to realize logistics automation in the factory and improve the level of logistics automation.

  The self-developed laser navigation series AGV trolley of Miklimi does not require the laying of positioning facilities on the ground. It is flexible and can quickly adapt to changing production needs. It can also be seamlessly connected with the MES and WMS systems of various manufacturing companies, making The factory's logistics and production are highly integrated. It can grasp how many materials need to be configured in each link of each production line, and the AGV system deploys the laser AGV trolley to automatically configure the raw materials to the production line to realize the feeding and realize the efficiency and high quality of manufacturing and production.

  As a well-known AGV system supplier in China, Miklimi provides customized AGV automated logistics transportation solutions for automated factories, which can realize production line docking, material handling and circulation automation, and can also integrate production tasks with robots, production lines, and workshops. , The warehouse is fully connected, allowing the factory to rapidly improve its automation and intelligence. At present, Mikelima laser AGV cars are widely used in automobile manufacturing, 3C electronics manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, food manufacturing, printing and papermaking and other fields. Customers include Foxconn, Gree, Midea, Shanghai Volkswagen, Dongfeng Honda, Great Wall Motors , BYD and other well-known enterprises.


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