What changes will be brought about by the development of AGV robots?

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As of December 2014, 36 robot-related industrial parks have been built or proposed in China. AGV cars are used as primary mobile robot products. Some pseudo-robot media Zenghaikou will have a market size of more than 50 billion yuan by 2020, regardless of whether it is true or not. The data shows that the investment in the AGV robot industry is not much, but most of them are selling dog meat, and the entire AGV industry is booming. Following Guangdong as the earliest source of domestic AGV products, AGV's annual shipments are only less than 10,000 units. Chongqing, Tianjin, Suzhou, Hangzhou, etc. have sprung up a lot of so-called AGV robot industry bases. Of course, AGV is also Demand in the industrial automation sector has grown and how much demand is there? Can you support such a huge investment and output - God knows! So what changes will the development of AGV robots bring?

What changes will be brought about by the development of AGV robots?

AGV is used on the assembly line

The typical application of AGV as an unmanned vehicle should be said that this year is the first year of autonomous driving in 2015. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Nissan, almost all of the car manufacturers have launched their own self-driving cars this year, many car manufacturers claim that in 2020, maybe five years later, their self-driving cars will run in the streets. Personally judging the technological development of unmanned vehicles is bound to drive the innovation and more imagination of AGV technology, AGV will be the first robot that is truly used by humans on a large scale. Because AGV does not require human intervention to automate the simplest and boring logistics and handling.

90% of domestic AGV companies are doing 'cottage machines, copying mature foreign products and then copying them, even using smashing means to carry out naked plagiarism or buying prototypes to "change skins". There are also some local governments, even to hang a few The brand of the robot enterprise seeks political achievements, as long as it hangs a card, rent-free for several years, how many rewards, use the preferential policies of real money, artificially make the AGV industry "bigger and stronger", lack of core technology, face AGV The industry is blossoming blindly. I assert that in 2015, a large number of AGV manufacturers will close down and reshuffle, and it is even possible to repeat the PV industry. I would like to ask the Government: "Is it solved the production problem, but also support the sales of enterprises? In Germany, for some special types of work that are easy to cause work-related injuries, occupational diseases, toxic, harmful, etc., the use of AGV robots is forced by law to replace labor. The government is only guiding the market of robots.

First, why should companies introduce the AGV logistics system? We are happy to see that there are only a handful of workers next to a production line in the future. Various industrial machines and AGVs are busy in professional and unremarkable, and the production process is cut into many very small pieces, each of which is divided into Strictly following the orderly processing, the segments are connected by high-precision automated data systems, making them highly flexible, reducing delivery time and promoting sustainability. Workers and robots work together and robots become manufacturing assistants. Freely liberate employees from work that is not ergonomic. In the integrated industrial era, each working component or physical port is intelligently interconnected, AGV will have the ability to make self-decision, and human handling will continue to be conceptualized. The digital chemical control system is based on these instructions, triggering and comparing paths. And choose and optimize production. However, from the perspective of the AGV industry, it is not a question that is valued or ignored. It is what the government and enterprises look at in this AGV industry. What kind of thinking is used to nurture and develop those who are sinking their hearts to truly develop the AGV core. Technology business.


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