Laser AGV flexible intelligent logistics under intelligent manufacturing

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  With the increasing demand for small-batch and multi-batch production, higher requirements are put forward for the automation of production line logistics. Intelligent manufacturing can not only realize flexible manufacturing, but also improve work efficiency, improve product quality, and reduce production costs, thus becoming the direction of manufacturing enterprise reform. Today, Miklimi will mainly introduce SLAM laser AGV flexible intelligent logistics under intelligent manufacturing.

Laser AGV flexible intelligent logistics under intelligent manufacturing

Laser AGV Smart Logistics

  Traditional manufacturing is mass production, and the products are relatively single. Therefore, the current production line logistics is only suitable for singularized products, resulting in the incomplete matching of demand and production ends. At the same time, the low efficiency of information transmission leads to low production efficiency and different products. Long production conversion time. If the manufacturing industry is to shift to small-batch and multi-batch production, it must first start with production logistics, which is what we call the creation of AGV flexible intelligent logistics.

  When it comes to building AGV flexible intelligent logistics, the choice of choosing the right AGV car is more critical. Compared with magnetic navigation AGV, SLAM laser AGV does not require auxiliary positioning, autonomous navigation and autonomous positioning, no scene modification, rapid switching of application scenarios, and rapid adjustment of production lines have become the mainstream of creating flexible intelligent logistics.

  The MIKLIMI laser SLAM navigation AGV car has the advantages of rapid deployment, strong scalability, strong flexibility, and intelligent scheduling. It can efficiently connect to the enterprise MES/WMS enterprise information system, and add and adjust the production plan for the enterprise at any time. To meet the demand of small-batch and multi-batch production, we can adjust the production line quickly.

  Miklimi believes that the future of smart manufacturing companies will be like this. When there are new demands on the demand side, new tasks will be generated directly through the information flow, the instructions will be automatically sent to the AGV, and the AGV will automatically select materials, and the entire process will be realized. Unmanned.


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