What is electromagnetic navigation AGV?

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Electromagnetic Navigation AGV Introduction

Electromagnetic navigation is one of the more traditional navigation methods. It is still used. It is to embed the metal wire on the travel path of the AGV, and load the pilot frequency on the metal wire to realize the navigation function of the AGV by identifying the pilot frequency. .

What is electromagnetic navigation AGV?
The navigation technology is similar to magnetic strip navigation. Due to the shortcomings of the navigation technology, such as lack of beauty and difficulty in path change, the technical solution is gradually abandoned by the AGV manufacturer, but the specific occasion is also suitable for the navigation technology, according to the AGV working environment requirements. For example, in high temperature environments, strict requirements for line straightness are required.

Advantages of electromagnetic navigation:

1. Low cost and mature technology.

2. The navigation has good privacy and beautiful appearance. That is to say, the magnetic nail is embedded in the hole and buried under the ground. There is no other navigation aid above the ground of the whole factory.

3, magnetic nail anti-interference, strong anti-wear, acid and alkali, oil and other effects.

4, use the user outside, indoors, etc.

Disadvantages of electromagnetic navigation:

1. Additional equipment is required to generate electromagnetic signals.

2. Other sensors are required to implement the site location function.

3. The AGV electromagnetic navigation line is laid once, and the subsequent modification of the line must perform secondary operations. Compared with the laser navigation technology, electromagnetic navigation increases the cost and construction time for the later modification of the line.

4. The AGV magnetic nail navigation construction will perform certain damage functions on the ground, that is, slotting on the ground and then backfilling. The construction technology is strict, and the original ground aesthetic requirements can be restored.

5, navigation technology is not high.


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