my country’s AGV extends and expands to the international market

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  With the rapid development of my country's AGV industry, more and more domestic AGV companies are extending and expanding to the international market. At present, the overseas markets of domestically produced AGVs are mainly distributed in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

my country's AGV extends and expands to the international market

AGV car

European and American markets:

  The labor costs in Europe and the United States are relatively high, so the demand for automated logistics systems is large, and the acceptance of AGV cars is high. Compared with European and American AGV companies, my country's AGV has a relatively obvious price advantage. In addition, domestic AGV companies have rich experience in non-standard product design and production, which can meet the in-depth customization of AGVs in the European and American markets.

Japanese and Korean markets:

  The Japanese market is dominated by AGC, but with the development of intelligent manufacturing, it has begun to shift to more intelligent AGVs. In the field of intelligence, AGC is no longer competent, and highly intelligent AGVs can better meet the needs of intelligent manufacturing companies, such as being able to accept dispatch, remote monitoring, and information feedback. In addition, Japan and South Korea have a short labor force, and there is a greater demand for companies to introduce AGVs to replace personnel for handling operations.

Southeast Asia:

  In Southeast Asia, it is mainly labor-intensive enterprises with low labor costs, but the production efficiency of workers is not high. Therefore, in recent years, Southeast Asia has gradually introduced robots such as AGVs to improve production efficiency. In addition, the logistics system in Southeast Asia only covers most first- and second-tier cities. The logistics market in the entire region is in a period of rising dividends, and there will be greater demand for AGVs in the future.

  With the development of economic globalization, it has become an inevitable trend for my country's AGV companies to enter the international market. As a well-known AGV manufacturer in China, there are already many projects that have been applied overseas, and have received good reviews from customers. The person in charge of Miklimi said: Domestic AGV companies need to study the international market, understand the development trend of the international market, and find their position in the market, so that they can extend and expand to the international market more smoothly.

  Although the development potential of AGV cars in overseas markets is relatively large, domestic AGV companies must also consider some restrictive factors when extending and expanding into the international market. For example, foreign countries attach great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, and export products must pay attention to infringement issues. In addition, domestically produced AGVs need some certifications such as CR certification and CE certification if they want to export.


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