What are the advantages of AGV robots? Introduction to the three major application solutions of AGV

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AGV trolley is the core equipment of flexible manufacturing system and automatic storage system as the continuous link and deployment of materials. It can automatically drive according to the pre-set route, automatically transport goods or materials from the starting point to the destination, and realize raw materials Automatic transportation of parts and accessories in the production process, automatic docking of production lines and automatic storage of finished products. So, what are the advantages of AGV robots? Let's learn about it with Miklimi editor!

What are the advantages of AGV robots? Introduction to the three major application solutions of AGV

AGV car

The application of AGV robots can not only improve the labor environment, reduce labor intensity, increase production efficiency, but also reduce production costs. Like computer and network technology, the widespread application of AGV robots is increasingly changing the production methods of manufacturing. The advantages of AGV robots are summarized as follows:

1. Improve the automation level of the production process.

The application of AGV robots is conducive to improving the degree of automation such as the transmission of raw materials and accessories, the loading and unloading of workpieces, and the assembly of machines, which can improve labor production efficiency, reduce production costs, and accelerate the pace of mechanization and automation of industrial production.

2. Improve working conditions and avoid personal accidents.

The application of AGV robots can partially or completely replace people to safely complete dangerous operations in harsh environments, greatly improving workers' working conditions. At the same time, some simple but tedious handling tasks can be replaced by AGV robots, which can avoid losses due to operator fatigue or negligence.

3. Reduce manpower and facilitate rhythmic production.

The application of AGV robots to replace humans can effectively save human resource costs. And AGV robots can work non-stop for 24 hours. They have no temper and do not need to pay wages. AGV robots can reduce manpower and more accurately control the production rhythm, which is convenient for rhythmic production.

4. It is more compact and can save space.

Intelligent chemical factories using AGV robots, automatic assembly line production mode can save more space, make factory planning more compact, and save land resource costs.

5. Facilitate supervision.

In the production process of traditional enterprises, although there are many rules and regulations, it is difficult to prevent employees from being lazy, and it is difficult for enterprises to guarantee the accuracy of daily production. With the use of AGV robots, human employees have been greatly reduced, and the company's personnel management is simpler and more efficient.

6. Flexibility of the production line.

The AGV robot has very good flexibility. The AGV robot can carry out the next process after completing one process, which has high flexibility. And multiple AGVs form a mobile assembly table and processing table to form a highly flexible production line.

Because of the obvious advantages of AGV robots, it has been widely used in manufacturing. Next, Miklimi will share with you three application solutions for AGV cars:

What are the advantages of AGV robots? Introduction to the three major application solutions of AGV

AGV robot

1. Roller docking + robotic arm collaboration solution

The plan is aimed at the fully automatic loading and unloading system of CNC processing production lines. The plan has two AGV robots to efficiently realize the fully automatic logistics of CNC production lines, production lines and warehouses. An AGV robot is equipped with a robotic arm, so that the robotic arm can not only grasp but also walk, and is responsible for automatically loading and unloading materials to the CNC machine; an AGV robot is equipped with a conveyor roller, which is responsible for the complete raw materials and finished products between the CNC production line terminal and the warehouse. Automatic handling.

2. Demonstration of automatic material handling + access control communication

In the scheme, the AGV robot is equipped with a jacking rotating mechanism, which can determine the position of the feeder by identifying the legs of the feeder, so as to accurately move to the center of the feeder and raise the jacking mechanism to draw the movement of the feeder; in addition, jacking The mechanism also has a rotating function, which can realize the longitudinal transportation of the material truck, and also realize the horizontal transportation, ensuring that the AGV robot can move the material truck in a smaller space. The AGV robot can communicate with the access control system and interact with the elevator in the factory. The automatic door is released after recognition. The AGV robot can realize the automatic transportation of materials between different floors through the elevator, solving the problem of automatic cross-floor transportation that has been plagued by the factory. .

3. Automatic pallet handling + automatic charging

After the AGV robot is equipped with a lifting and rotating mechanism, it can not only automatically pull the material truck, but also lift the pallet. It has a dual-purpose function of one vehicle, which can solve the needs of different types of material handling in the factory and reduce the type of mobile robots. To reduce maintenance costs. In addition, the AGV robot can be automatically charged to achieve uninterrupted operation 24 hours a day. The configurable low battery and idle charging thresholds allow customers to flexibly choose a charging scheme that suits them.


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