How long can the storage robot AGV be fired!

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Undoubtedly, the warehousing robots in the past two years have been very popular in the robot market in the past two years, and they are extremely hot. However, everything has its ups and downs. The past two years can be said to be the heyday of warehousing robots. So, can it continue to continue? Can it stand out in the fierce market competition and go all the way higher?

It is understood that in 2016, the e-commerce market is gradually expanding, and the market demand for warehouse logistics robots AGV is also increasing. The market for logistics warehouse application robots has grown significantly, especially the largest demand for AGV in e-commerce. Statistics from the New Strategic Robotics Industry Research Institute: In 2016, the sales volume of e-commerce warehousing robots was about 2,000 units, and by 2017, it is expected to grow to about 5,000 units. Obviously, with the increasing popularity and rapid development of AGV, it has quickly become a new economic growth point in the industry. An unprecedented revolution in the intelligentization of warehousing logistics is slowly coming.

How long can the storage robot AGV be fired!

With the continuous improvement of modern warehouse management systems, enterprises have adopted a large number of AGVs to replace traditional artificial forklifts, which can save costs and improve efficiency. There is no need to do manual work for the work that can be done with AGV. We can spend more time on innovation and more time to take vacations and enjoy life.

As we all know, 2014 was a turning point for warehousing robots. From the acquisition of Kiva by Amazon, warehousing robots have been opened. More and more robot companies have begun to enter the field of intelligent logistics in the market. , Hikvision, etc. All the way up the ship, showing an explosive growth trend.

Many people joked that 2016 is the first year of domestic warehousing robots. Over the past year, foreign investment, the aging of the labor force and the demand for omni-channels have greatly promoted the growth of warehousing robots. In the field of smart logistics, it also shows its own unparalleled advantages: not only reduce the time and errors from order to delivery and the need for reverse logistics, more preventive maintenance measures-reduce labor burden, reduce manufacturers The transportation method with the distribution center delays the delivery beyond the traditional time, and also shows its better and faster processing capacity through the Internet of Things.

The reason why the warehousing robot can quickly become a rookie in the industry is not lack of market opportunities, but more important is its efficient and efficient market efficiency. It perfectly replaces labor, not only reduces labor, but also improves work efficiency. In an enterprise that has realized industrial automation, when you need to move an object, you only need to issue an instruction, and the palletizing robot will take the workpiece from the three-dimensional warehouse and hand it to the AGV (automatic handling robot). The transport trolley is sent to the assembly line, and after being recognized and judged by the intelligent camera, the industrial robot transports it to another assembly line and places it in a stack.

How long can the storage robot AGV be fired!

Looking at the market trends in recent years, there is still room for the intelligent warehousing e-commerce logistics market to be explored. Both traditional logistics companies and modern e-commerce logistics companies are accelerating the exploration of smart logistics. With the formation of China's opening to the outside world, with the accelerated integration of the Internet and the logistics industry and the continuous advancement of Industry 4.0 construction, the intelligent e-commerce warehousing and logistics industry, as an important link in the service chain, is now looking for continuous development. New potential. Now, whether it is policy, capital or technical factors, it is very conducive to the e-commerce warehousing and logistics industry to go on the fast track. I believe that under the agitation of this market spring wind, in the future, the storage robot AGV is still promising.


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