Why are more and more companies using AGV handling robots?

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In recent years, most of industrial intelligence has gradually matured. However, the automation industry equipment still needs to be improved and perfected. The new automation equipment involves a wide range of fields. Once introduced, new standards and technologies have become an important way to promote the progress of Industry 4.0.

Why are more and more companies using AGV handling robots?        In such a situation, the first thing we have to figure out is what are the automation equipment? AGV does not know if everyone is familiar with it. Maybe people do n’t hear much, but it is indeed a very popular technology topic for the moment. AGV is also known as unmanned van. Why do companies need it now?

China is known as the processing plant in the world. This stems from our country's abundant population resources and our country's abundant labor resources. This has led some multinational companies to choose us as the reason for processing. However, the main labor force in the society now is the post-80s and 90s. These young people have not suffered hardships, have low eyesight, and do not want to sell their coolies. They all want to find a job with high salary and ease.

These embarrassing situations make our country largely lack a large part of the labor force, so where is our way out? Only by increasing the level of automation of the equipment can we improve production efficiency and reduce costs, thereby increasing our overall competitiveness .

At this time, the AGV should be on the market. The AGV handling robots on the market are mainly used for material transportation in enterprises and factories to avoid the dangers caused by manual handling, and the AGV trolley can also be accurately and reliably transported in a dark environment. Some basic labor can be completed by AGV. In the industries of medicine, food, chemical industry, heavy industry, optoelectronics, etc., the application of AGV is also valued.

With the advent of the Industry 4.0 era, some enterprises, factories, warehousing and logistics all need AGV carts for automated handling tasks. Shenzhen Okai Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd. has a professional R & D team, independent research and development technology, won many national patents, high precision, high cost performance, powerful task scheduling and intelligent avoidance system, designed to save costs and improve efficiency for enterprises!


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