Answers to several common questions about AGV

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Introduction: With the increase in labor costs, especially the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, more and more companies have begun to upgrade automation, thereby reducing production costs and improving production efficiency. Industrial vehicle intelligence ( AGV ) has become the general direction of future new industry development. AGV is ...
With the increase in labor costs, especially the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, more and more companies are beginning to upgrade and upgrade automation, thereby reducing production costs and improving production efficiency. Industrial vehicle intelligence (AGV) has become the general direction of new industry development in the future. AGV is gradually seizing the traditional forklift market, especially the forward-moving forklift AGV, which efficiently and cost-effectively fulfills the humanized and diversified needs of customers, and plays an important role in internal logistics.

Answers to several common questions about AGV

China AGV sales statistics analysis: AGV 2018 China sales have reached 29,600 units and 1.35 million units in 2017 increased by 119%, in 2018 the scale of China AGV market reached 4.25 billion yuan, AGV robots relevant product market were higher than the new 2017 Annual growth of 42.5%.

This explosive growth is mainly due to the outbreak of China's logistics industry, and the trend of logistics automation is driving the accelerated growth of AGV robots in China. Of course, the reason why AGV can explode is not only because of the good timing of logistics automation, but more importantly, the high efficiency and flexibility that AGV really brings. In addition, AGV robots replace manual operations, reduce labor costs, and avoid potential safety hazards in the work.

Q1: Why does AGV robot grow so fast?

With the advancement of modern high-tech such as computers, the performance and functions of AGV have been significantly improved, such as more advanced computer control systems, greater transportation volume, shorter transfer time, and higher reliability of trolleys and controllers. Improvements in these technologies have led to an increase in AGV usage scenarios and needs.

Today, AGV robots are seamlessly integrated with MES, ERP, WCS, etc., and realize fully flexible and highly automated modern logistics, which can improve enterprise management to achieve modularity, intelligence and simplicity, and bring factory automation to a new level.

Q2: Are the specifications of AGV vans fixed?

Generally, the specifications of AGV vans produced by small manufacturers are relatively fixed and the number of specifications is relatively small, but the products of vans produced by medium and large AGV van manufacturers can be customized according to customer needs. Although the price of customized cars is high, the usability is more in the later period. Strong. Therefore, the specifications of the AGV truck are not fixed, and both the appearance and the inside can be modified and customized.

Q3: Is the larger the tonnage of the AGV van the better?

This kind of statement has a certain one-sidedness but it does make sense. Because the greater the weight of the AGV truck, the less likely it is to roll over, but it is not that the greater the weight, the better the quality. Not only will it increase the cost of power but also affect the life of the power system, so you should choose the load of the car according to your needs when choosing, not just pursuing large tonnage.

Q4: Is there any limit for the climbing of the truck?

Answers from AGV truck manufacturers: No matter what kind of high-precision AGV trucks have certain restrictions when climbing slopes, if the vehicle's climbing degree is limited, in principle, steep slopes cannot be climbed to prevent danger. Because the volume and weight of the objects handled by the AGV truck are larger than that of the previous year, if the slope is large, the risk will increase. Therefore, in principle, it must be operated within the prescribed slope of the truck.

Q5: What should I pay attention to when using AGV?

1. Set the running route in advance

The AGV truck is actually an intelligent device that integrates batteries, electromagnetic navigation devices, and computer control systems. It is widely used in unmanned transport operations in factory lines in various fields of modern society. Because the internal environment conditions of different companies are not the same, the route conditions that AGV trucks will face after they are put into operation will not be exactly the same. As an enterprise that purchases AGV trucks, you must set up the Equipment operation route to avoid unnecessary collision caused by improper operation route setting and failure.

Second, ensure that the supporting security system is free of abnormalities

Since the AGV truck does not need to be handled by humans in the actual use process, the AGV truck can continue to provide logistics transportation services for factories and enterprises under the normal condition of the computer control system. Therefore, the relevant operators must ensure that the safety system supporting the equipment has abnormal conditions when using the AGV van. Only in this way can the full use value of the AGV van be fully displayed on the premise of ensuring the safety of the goods of the vehicle.


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