Crisis in Organic-AGV market after epidemic

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The impact of the epidemic on various industries is self-evident, and even to some extent directly caused the downturn of the global economy. For the AGV industry, on the one hand, the globalization of the supply chain has made the supply of AGV upstream components a certain degree On the other hand, the continuation of foreign epidemics has also made it difficult for AGV companies to implement and expand their overseas businesses. The shrinkage of related industries such as automobile manufacturing is also further compressing the AGV market.

The industry seems to be approaching winter, but the crisis also contains a turning point.

Crisis in Organic-AGV market after epidemic

Facing the future: new development opportunities will come

Undoubtedly, the current global economy is in a downward phase. Although the capitalist economic crisis has a certain cyclicality, the development of the epidemic has undoubtedly accelerated the arrival of the economic depression. In today's economic globalization, the whole body is affected by the crisis. No one can be alone.

During the Great Depression that swept through Western countries in the late 1920s and early 1930s, government intervention gradually entered the liberal market economy that capitalist society has always pursued, accelerating the advent of economic revival. In the current economic crisis, Western countries have also issued various economic stimulus plans, the United States has issued a 2.2 trillion economic stimulus plan, the Australian government has also announced a 66 billion economic stimulus plan, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Hungary and other countries Relevant plans have also been introduced. Although the final results of these plans are currently unpredictable, the efforts made by various countries in the economic depression at least let us see the hope that the market can recover as soon as possible.

In China, although no economic stimulus plan has been issued, relevant departments have also made some directions on the development of domestic related industries under the epidemic. At the February 23rd Central Conference on the Promotion of the New Coronary Pneumonia Outbreak Prevention and Control and Economic and Social Development Work Deployment Conference, relevant departments stated that some of the traditional industries in the epidemic were hit hard, while smart manufacturing, unmanned distribution, online consumption, medical health, etc Emerging industries show strong growth potential; we must use this as an opportunity to transform and upgrade traditional industries and cultivate and strengthen emerging industries.

In addition, in the “new infrastructure” recently advocated by the state, the intelligent equipment industry such as robots also has a place. Yang Wenhua, an expert of the China Mobile Robot (AGV) Industry Alliance, said: "For China, combined with the national strategy, it will definitely implement the goal of high-quality development, increase investment in" smart manufacturing ", and stimulate economic development. This is an opportunity for AGV."

The promotion of national policies is one of the opportunities that AGV ushered in the epidemic, and the awareness of the vulnerability of people to natural risks triggered by the development of the epidemic will also further promote the application of AGV and other automation equipment in various industries. China Mobile Zhang Lei, chairman of the Robot Industry Association (AGV) Industry Alliance, once said, "In the long run, the occurrence of the epidemic may play a role in promoting and stimulating the development of the entire industry. In the commercial field, it has caused the industry and the outside to start focusing on this huge market. In the manufacturing industry, it will also increase the willingness of enterprises to "machine replacement", because through this incident, people will realize that robots can well overcome the vulnerability of humans and can work under very harsh conditions. "

Live in the moment - precipitation techniques do produce goods

It has been verified from multiple perspectives that mobile robots may usher in a new wave of development after the epidemic, but the question is, how to survive this difficult period?

According to a survey conducted by the China Mobile Robot (AGV) Industry Alliance, the entrepreneurs interviewed expect that the new crown pneumonia will affect the enterprise as a whole for about 5 months. While the company's revenue declines, it will also have to meet fixed rent and other expenses. Cash flow is tight, only 4% of companies said that cash flow was not affected. During the epidemic, for small and medium-sized companies, sufficient cash flow and profits can be regarded as a company's immunity. In 2020, which is full of unknowns, if you master the cash flow, it is possible for anyone to survive, and it is king to live first.

To maintain the stability of cash flow, open source is the key-AGV manufacturers must have sufficient projects.

Although the overall situation of the industry is not good now, there are also some companies whose business has continued to rise during the epidemic. For example, Chizhong recently won the bid for Changan Automobile Intelligent Manufacturing AGV annual procurement project with a project amount of 9.48 million; Having completed the sales target for the whole year, Mitutoyo Robotics has also signed cooperation projects with Great Wall Motors and Sany Heavy Industry. In fact, the demand for AGVs in the domestic market has not decreased, even if the automotive industry has been down. Relevant AGV procurement requirements, and with the comprehensive advancement of domestic resumption of production, I believe it will gradually enter the normal track.

Of course, not all companies can rise against the trend during the epidemic. Most of the business of the company will actually be affected to a certain extent. Especially for companies with a large proportion of overseas projects, during the period when the expansion has to slow down, companies can actually sink first. Work hard to polish the product. Chinese mobile robot (AGV) Honorary Chairman Wang Hongyu Industry Alliance also said that "the epidemic process, enterprises should sediment core technology, the product well. After the epidemic, deep plowing market segments, the industry do a good job." Executive Secretary of the Union, the new strategy Li Jinke, deputy director of the Robot Industry Research Institute, also believes that companies should actively expand into new areas. At the same time, in the difficult times of the industry, everyone should cooperate and work together to keep warm. In addition, Li Jinke also mentioned that "the epidemic situation is an opportunity for the AGV domestic supply chain."

The night before dawn is the darkest, and what we need now is to work through this time.


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