What are the advantages of AGV?

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As a highly flexible and automated modern manufacturing logistics transport equipment, AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle) is widely used in many fields such as automobile manufacturing, mechanical manufacturing, automatic warehouse and so on. AGV cart is the key equipment of automated logistics transportation system and flexible production system. It is also a necessary tool for automation and intellectualization of logistics warehouse. It is often used in various automated transportation operations. Also can be used as a link between automatic shelf area and electronic label picking area.
In the automated logistics warehouse, AGV is the most widely used. Compared with other AGV types, backpack AGV can dock with the automatic roller conveyor link and realize the function of automatic loading and unloading of goods.

What are the advantages of AGV?
(1) The backpack AGV can equipped with the automatic conveyor line in the automatic warehouse system to complete the automatic loading and unloading of goods.
(2) The backpack AGV robot can automatically transport goods to designated locations.
(3) The unit load AGV can specify the type of work to achieve the reliability of repetitive work.
(4) The backpack AGV is very flexible, which facilitates the rearrangement of the overall workshop environment and the realization of functional adjustment.
(5) The power supply of the unit load AGV handling robot is a DC battery. It has no drawback of dragging the long tail of the wire. It has low noise and improves the working environment.
According to the loading capacity, the carrying AGV robot can be divided into light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty.Before choosing a back pack AGV cart, we should firstly consider that how heavy AGV needs to carry , choose the appropriate weight of the items according to the need, and also consider the working environment, shape size, functionality, navigation mode, cost-effectiveness of AGV.


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