AGV Configuration Instructions

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AGV Configuration Instructions

agv route

AGV number: the number of the Agv to be configured

Description: A detailed description of the AGV

IP address: corresponding to the IP address of the AGV

Network node number: can be omitted in this type of AGV

Source port number: the port number for the AGV to communicate with the host computer, recommended: 4000 + AGV number

Destination port number: the port number for communication between the host computer and the AGV, recommended: 5000 + AGV number

AGV type: The current type is Stm32Cd, please do not choose other types

Whether to enable: Please select to enable

Operation (delete): delete the AGV configuration

Update (modify): modify the AGV configuration

Note that whether it is added, deleted or modified, you need to restart the software and AGV to take effect.


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