The principle of AGV access control system

04/17/202008:51:38 Comments 256

Control principle:

1.agv when carrying goods to the elevator door;

2.agv sends a request signal through WIFI to request the use of elevator;

3. The elevator opens the door after receiving the signal from the AGV control system, and requires the elevator to open normally;

4. The AGV control system sends a driving command to the agv car after receiving the elevator feedback signal;

5. After the agv car enters the elevator, the elevator issues floor instructions and shuts down the elevator;

6. After reaching the designated floor, the elevator door is opened and the door opening signal is sent to the AGV control system;

7. The AGV receives the system command and sends a normally open signal to the elevator door. The AGV exits the elevator to complete the control.

The elevator provides control requirements:

1. I / O ports for elevators going up and down floors;

2. Normally open door opening signal I / O port;

3. I / O port of elevator door closing signal;

4. Floor I / O port;

5. Open / close door in place signal I / O port;

6. I / O port signal of arrival floor;

7. Provide the routing path of the control cable, the routing path of the network cable, and the DC 24V power supply (which can be provided by the external).



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