Suzhou Mobile 5G + AGV plugs Internet wings for enterprises

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After the Suzhou News (correspondent Su Qing) from Jiangsu, China issued an order, the AGV car (automatic guided transport vehicle) automatically drove into the factory warehouse. During the operation process, it automatically planned routes, automatically turned, and automatically avoided obstacles. Efficient completion of warehousing and transportation tasks ... Recently, the application scenario of the 5G AGV project was staged in Huaheng Welding Co., Ltd. This project is provided by Suzhou Mobile with 5G technology, which realizes remote real-time control and automatic route planning, which greatly improves the efficiency of enterprise warehouse logistics.

Huaheng Welding Co., Ltd. is the world's largest provider of intelligent manufacturing equipment with welding as its core. As a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Plan, enterprise equipment is widely used in construction machinery, rail transportation, aerospace and military industries. industry. A large amount of warehouse storage requires AGV vehicles in the factory area to have the ability to automatically plan routes, and the transportation capacity must be improved accordingly. In the past, due to network and established track restrictions, AGV cars in the factory area could not accurately plan a reasonable route, and the transportation capacity was very limited. At the same time, WIFI coverage also limited the activity field of the car.

After understanding the development needs of the enterprise, Suzhou Mobile acted quickly, sorted out the 5G intelligent warehousing solution, carried out the solution design and wireless environment demonstration for the enterprise location, and provided 5G technical support and solutions for the enterprise. "Because the AGV project is a precedent in the industry, there is no template for reference at all. You can only rely on your own exploration and constantly communicate with Huawei, manufacturers, and technical personnel to modify the plan over and over." Suzhou Mobile staff introduced, "5G has high Rate, low latency, large connection and other characteristics, of which low latency is essential for achieving unmanned operation. In 4G environment, the network delay is generally more than 100 milliseconds, while in 5G environment, the network delay can be Control within 20 milliseconds, which greatly improves the unmanned operation ability and coordination ability of the machine. "In less than a month, Suzhou Mobile took the construction team to complete the construction of the 5G network in the factory area, successfully successfully Huaheng The AGV project was built as a leading demonstration project for 5G applications across the province. "With the mobile 5G technology, the efficiency of logistics transportation in the factory area has been greatly improved, helping us achieve cost reduction, quality improvement and efficiency increase of warehousing logistics."

The project also created a precedent for the application of 5G in intelligent warehousing. In the future, Suzhou Mobile will continue to cultivate 5G applications, follow the development of the times, and explore and build a smart future.


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