30 years of development of the AGV industry

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30 years of development of the AGV industry

30 years of development of the AGV industry

Since the first AGV was officially put into use in the 1990s, the development of AGV in China has been nearly 30 years. In the past 30 years, the industry has grown from nothing to weak and strong, and is gradually becoming prosperous. In the new period, the Institute of New Strategic Robotics Industry has specially compiled the memorabilia of the industry development in these years and shared with you!

1. 1991-The first self-developed AGV application landed

In 1991, the Shenyang Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences completed the AGV leap from laboratory prototypes to production of first-line products through the Jinbei assembly project; China's first self-developed AGV product was officially put into operation and won praise from the Jinbei company. The productization process of AGV, and this reassembly model is also gradually applied and promoted in domestic automobile assembly plants.

2. The project of Kunchuan Honghe Cigarette Factory in 1998-the first AGV system based on NDC technology


In 1996, Kunshun signed a cooperation agreement with NDC. After a year of cooperation with NDC, Kunshun built its own national key logistics laboratory and produced the first AGV verification system (2 units) using NDC technology. China The first laser guided AGV and the first all-around sports AGV! In 1998, Kunchuan successfully implemented the first domestic laser-guided AGV system for Honghe Cigarette Factory, becoming a world-leading and domestic first-class project at that time.

In 1998, KunShip implemented the AGV system of the auxiliary warehouse of Honghe Tobacco Factory (8 units)


3.2006-The first national standard of AGV was introduced


In 2006, the National Standard for General Technical Conditions of Automated Guided Vehicles drafted with the participation of Xinsong was issued, which specifies the basic parameters, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, signs, instruction manuals, packaging, transportation and storage of automatic guided vehicles. . This is the first national standard of the AGV industry, and it also marks that the industry is starting to develop in a standardized direction.


4. In 2007, Shinsong AGV exported to GM Mexico factory-the beginning of domestic AGV going overseas


In 2007, Xinsong's self-assembled AGV system was exported to GM's Mexican plant, supporting the GM's global plant in the United States. This enabled AGV products to enter the international market. Device upgrade.


5.Amazon acquired KIVA in 2012-e-commerce sorting AGV began to attract domestic attention


Starting from Amazon's acquisition of warehouse robot Kiva Systems at a price of USD 775 million in 2012, this new sorting robot has begun to attract the attention of domestic traditional AGV companies and related industries. Since then, a number of domestic KIVA warehouse robot startups have emerged , Such as GEEK +, Quick Warehouse, Hikvision, Xinsong, Kunchuan, Shuiyan Technology, etc. The application of AGV in the e-commerce industry is also gradually becoming hot.


6. 2016 Yifeng parking robot appeared-the first domestic parking AGV


In 2016, Yifeng's first parking robot was officially launched, which directly filled the gap of domestic parking AGV. It uses the world's first "laser navigation + comb-tooth exchange" parking AGV, a universal turning robot, and the system can achieve 1000 AGV robots dispatch at the same time. In the same year, Nanjing Confucius Temple Yifeng Robot Parking Garage officially landed, becoming the world's first robot parking lot to actually operate.


7. In 2017, China Mobile Robotics (AGV) Alliance was established-the only professional organization in the industry


In October 2017, the China Mobile Robotics (AGV) Industry Alliance was formally established in Shanghai, and more than 40 mainstream companies in the alliance industry were launched to focus and promote the innovation, fast, efficient, sustainable, healthy growth. So far, the alliance has more than 200 members, covering the mainstream AGV and related component manufacturers in the industry.


8. In 2017, the dart "little yellow man" —— created a new mode of express sorting


In 2017, a smart express sorting robot built by a dart robot was officially launched in the Shentong warehouse. The "little minions" of the dartboard use parallel instead of the traditional serial mode. Hundreds of densely packed robots run in an orderly manner. All robots can uniformly command and dispatch through the main information system, realizing a new application in the express sorting industry. , Created a new model of express sorting.


9, 2018 New Song Winter Olympics show dancing robots-domestic AGV debut on the international stage


On February 25, 2018, at the closing ceremony of the Pingchang Winter Olympics, the "Beijing 8 Minutes" performance directed by Zhang Yimou surprised the world again. Among them, the performance of 24 mobile robots from Xinsong and 26 dancers pushed the whole performance to a climax. It is the first time in the world for such a large scale human-machine performance and such a complicated stage performance to fully demonstrate the Chinese mobile robot. Technical strength.


10.Jizhijia announced the completion of the C1 round of main financing-refreshing the financing record of the logistics robot industry


In July 2019, Jizhijia announced that it had successfully completed the C1 round of main financing. It is expected that after the completion of all projects, the total funding of this round of C1 will exceed US $ 150 million in November B round, and the cumulative financing will exceed 2.5 billion yuan, setting another record of single financing and cumulative financing for the logistics robot industry.


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