Development Trend of AGV Navigation Technology

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In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the application field of AGV, the complexity of the application is getting higher and higher, and many new requirements have been put forward for its navigation and related technologies. In the future, AGV navigation technology will show the following development trends:

Development Trend of AGV Navigation Technology


1. Unmarked natural navigation will be more adopted

Wang Hongyu, senior vice president of Xinsong Robotics, said that in the future, the industrial Internet, edge computing, cloud computing, and the integration of artificial intelligence and intelligent mobile robots will become more and more popular, which will bring drastic changes to the AGV industry and require AGV to be more intelligent. More flexible. Navigation technology will also be more advanced, and more and more AGVs will adopt unmarked natural navigation technology to adapt to complex and open dynamic environments. Such as natural contour navigation, it breaks the traditional fixed navigation method. It does not need to lay fixed markers such as magnetic strips and reflective plates. It also has the ability of avoiding obstacles voluntarily, with higher flexibility and strong adaptability.

2. Visual navigation is still an important development direction

Because of its advantages such as wide detection range and complete target information, visual navigation is considered by many experts as an important development direction of AGV navigation technology in the future. At present, visual navigation technology has achieved a lot of research results, but due to the limitation of the computing speed and storage capacity of existing computing equipment, the slow image processing speed has not been solved. With the development of computer technology and breakthroughs in key technologies for fast image processing, visual navigation technology will become a promising AGV navigation technology.

3. R ​​& D of new sensor technology

The reporter learned in the interview that the application of conventional sensor and multi-sensor information fusion technology in mobile robot navigation has achieved many significant results, but in some special environments, the detection range and accuracy of non-visual sensors are compared with visual navigation systems. It is not ideal. It is not capable for some high-precision navigation tasks. New sensors and new information fusion methods need to be developed to make up for the shortcomings. Therefore, the development of new sensors for AGV navigation and information fusion is an important subject for future research in the industry.


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