Amazon invests in Balyo AGV technology

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Balyo first appeared in front of the Chinese, and it was still the CEMAT exhibition in Shanghai in 2016. Linde (China) has no relationship with his brother Ying Jie Ming, but has come together with this little brother in Europe.

And the latest news is: Amazon and warehouse robot company Balyo have reached an agreement that Amazon will hold nearly a third of Balyo's shares in the next 7 years. The main purpose of this plan is to promote the sales of the French company's autonomous forklift technology .

Amazon invests in Balyo AGV technology

Warehouse automation has been a key factor in Amazon's efforts to reduce costs and speed delivery. The world's largest online retailer acquired Kiva Systems for $ 775 million in 2012. Robots developed by the company are currently being used.

This investment is a new investment model, namely order investment. In other words: If Amazon buys 300 million Euros of Balyo's AGV products within 7 years, Jiesi will get 29% of Balyo's equity.

"This partnership agreement heralds a big opportunity for Balyo's business growth and Amazon will continue to support us to improve our robotics solutions," Balyo CEO Fabien Bardinet said on Thursday.

This investment is also eye-opening. How to ensure profit and what to do if the product is immature, let us wait and see.

Balyo's navigation system can turn a forklift into a self-driving car. The company said that revenue in 2018 reached 23.3 million euros, a 40% year-on-year increase.


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