The main advantages of AGV

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1 High work efficiency

The AGV trolley can realize the automatic charging function. Under the premise of safety redundancy, it can realize continuous operation for 24 hours, greatly improving the handling efficiency of product materials.

The main advantages of AGV

AGV usage diagram

2 save management energy

AGV realizes full digital management, which can effectively avoid human factors and improve management level.

3 better flexibility and system scalability

The intelligent sensor development of intelligent AGV car, in addition to the traditional position, speed, acceleration, etc., also applies machine vision, force feedback and other multi-intelligent sensor fusion technology to decision control, in the associated device multi-sensor fusion configuration technology in the existing There are mature applications in the AGV equipment system.

4 high reliability

Compared with the low efficiency of manual handling, the unknown path of forklift and trailer, speed and safety, the AGV's driving path and speed are controllable, and the positioning and parking are accurate, thus greatly improving the efficiency of material handling. At the same time, the AGV central management system, The AGV trolley can be monitored throughout the entire process and the reliability is greatly improved.

5 high security

AGV has perfect security protection capabilities, intelligent traffic route management, safety and collision avoidance, multi-level warning, emergency braking, fault reporting, etc., can play a unique role in many places that are not suitable for human work.

AGV has a wider range of applications than RGV. AGV plays an important role in the different aspects of manufacturing, warehousing, assembly, etc., and has even become one of the most iconic configurations of modern smart factories.


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