What is RGV, AGV and IGV?

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Meaning of RGV, AGV and IGV
RGV: The full name is Rail Guided Vehicle, which is called "railed guided vehicle", also known as "tracked shuttle car". RGV is often used in all kinds of high-density storage three-dimensional warehouses. The trolley lanes can be designed to be arbitrarily long according to the needs, and no other equipment is required to enter the roadway when handling and moving goods. The speed is fast and the safety is high, which can effectively improve the operating efficiency of the warehouse system.

What is RGV, AGV and IGV?

AGV is moving

AGV: The full name is Automated Guided Vehicle, which means “automatic guided transport vehicle”. The AGV is a transport trolley equipped with electromagnetic, optical or other automatic guiding devices that can travel along a defined guiding path with safety protection and various transfer functions.

IGV: The full name is Intelligent Guided Vehicle, which is a smart guided transport vehicle. IGV is a new concept put forward in recent years. Compared with traditional AGVs, IGVs are more flexible, do not need to travel with any fixed markers, and have flexible paths that can be flexibly scheduled according to actual production needs.

RGV, AGV and IGV are used to automate the handling and transfer of materials, but in terms of automation and intelligence, RGV<AGV<IGV.

RGV, AGV and IGV do not eliminate the low because of the different degrees of automation and intelligence, but play an irreplaceable role in different applications.


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