How much is the AGV unmanned trolley?

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How much is the AGV car? It is recommended that users make a budget according to their own company's situation. There is no way to generalize the question about "about how much the AGV car is." If you want a specific price, the company should first make a rough plan based on the actual situation, such as the AGV car. Weight, handling route, frequency of transportation, how many units are needed depending on the production line? Is it necessary to use the imported AGV car or the domestic AGV car? Is the AGV for magnetic navigation or the AGV for laser navigation? The difference in price between these will be large.

How much is the AGV unmanned trolley?

Warehousing AGV application

AGV trolleys are mainly used in various types of production enterprises for the transportation, assembly and assembly of materials and products, transportation of fine materials, or replacement of intermediate human logistics. AGV trolleys can be classified into latent AGV, traction AGV, backpack AGV, trolley AGV, drum AGV, SMT dedicated AGV according to the application. Assembled AGV handling AGV.

The price of laser navigation AGV unmanned van: The price of AGV in foreign countries is relatively expensive compared to domestic ones. A foreign laser AGV is about 1 million. The domestic laser AGV is about several hundred thousand. Product prices are falling

The price of magnetic navigation AGV unmanned van: Foreign AGV mainly uses laser navigation as the mainstream product. The AGV of foreign magnetic navigation is about several hundred thousand. Domestic magnetic navigation ranges from 6 to more than 100,000, simpler than 60,000, and complex may be more than 100,000. Of course, the price of AGV produced by different manufacturers is also different.

Domestic AGV cars have been greatly improved in recent years. Some domestically produced products can be sold outside the United States regardless of appearance or performance. The price is much cheaper than foreign countries. With the increasing demand of the logistics industry, the domestic AGV car application There are more and more types to adapt to the needs of different positions in different industries. It is recommended that users give priority to domestically produced products. Nowadays, domestically produced AGVs are relatively mature after more than a decade of development, and they are relatively stable, but the price is much cheaper, and the gap between performance and foreign countries is getting smaller and smaller.


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