The importance of AGV trolley dynamic logistics system to Industry 4.0

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The importance of intelligent AGV trolley dynamic logistics system to Industry 4.0, rapid response and AGV logistics-oriented manufacturing is highly optimized, not only to deliver products on time, but to organize your industrial processes, manufacturing systems and labor skills. The idea of ​​contributing to the ultimate performance. The no-stock system is a major change in the industry's core manufacturing processes, manufacturing systems, business plans, and personnel management systems. If the manufacturer can't seamlessly connect the material requirements, then they can't get and maintain long-term profit in the material control management, the manufacturing part needs to respond quickly, the operation is dynamic logistics oriented, and the AGV dynamic system and Resources maximize their flexibility to meet Industry 4.0's ability to quickly meet sudden changes in customer demand.

The AGV trolley dynamic logistics system needs to increase investment in the following areas: lean manufacturing capabilities, an educated workforce capable of actively participating in their organization's continuous improvement, and promoting the use of intelligent AGV technology throughout the manufacturing process, ( Of course, distribution and customer communication channels are also important. The AGV Dynamic Logistics System is only part of Industry 4.0. The purpose of this is to establish a strong and mutually beneficial relationship between customers and suppliers.

Logistics equipment foundation

Meeting the upgrade response speed requires careful consideration of the plant function block location and process chain implementation, shortening the cargo transport distance and reducing logistics costs, and benefiting from the production and material resources close to their associated workstations to control their additional consumption of resources. . More investment in complete "local" manufacturing and support functions, utilizing resources of the same area function can be used for material requirements in a given area. By increasing our local manufacturing depth, we have greater control over the R&D and production of our products, and are more directly linked to the needs of the production line.

Smart AGV-oriented manufacturing manufacturers can increase their ability to match material requirements through continued investment in lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing is demand-driven, and driving production to lean practices can help identify bottlenecks, tighten production processes, and create dynamic processes for material demand communication through your manufacturing operations. Manufacturers create a fast-response process by investing in lean processes, without having to think about it every time the material needs change, you have built a reliable process that allows you to maintain quality, control costs and match new ones The necessary changes can also be made to the needs. The platform for data interconnection of the AGV logistics system is constructed. This platform is a combination of highly automated AGV robots and linked automated production units used in manufacturing and manufacturing applications. These technologies are designed in accordance with Industry 4.0 Lean Manufacturing Principles and Guidelines.

Optimization of human resources quality

For any logistics-oriented manufacturer, skilled and empowered workers are equally critical to their success. In our experience, all of the world's lean manufacturing and process documentation can truly lead to a logistics-oriented manufacturing process only when the workers who work for them are qualified and capable of making changes and implementing solutions. As manufacturing in many industries re-plans in order to reduce the distance from the final work, it is also important to establish a set of investments in worker skills and to improve the use and development of automated equipment, including production, Engineering design and logistics personnel. They have the ability to use problems as opportunities to address, ask questions and contribute to operational solutions, solve problems and eliminate waste and supply chain disruptions.

Technology provides the necessary training and technical support to professional and manufacturing personnel as part of our AGV product commitments, and we also benefit from long-term technical support, worker training and engineering projects. In China, through collaboration, we want to help users find innovative ways to build a future-oriented workforce.

Meet the needs of materials at any time

Manufacturers' timely logistics models allow them to meet sudden line changes and inventory minimization. One way to address this challenge is to use our dedicated AGV approach, which organizes production and delivery channels to make them Use faster without additional acceleration or manipulation. Our solutions run through the entire manufacturing and material supply. A large amount of material management time is spent identifying the materials covered in the solution and architecting the manufacturing in multiple areas to determine the materials for the change and manage according to the guidelines of the plan, as well as creating dedicated stock and The goods flow to achieve the program.

There is also a need to invest in communications tools, special catalogs, mobile applications, and a variety of data information to accelerate the journey of customer experience.


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