Intelligent AGV trolley logistics system application and safety specification

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[Intelligent AGV Car Logistics System Application and Safety Specification] In addition to the open intelligent interactive software based on Android, the intelligent AGV is developed and manufactured according to the following EU design specifications.

EC Machinery Directive
EC low voltage command
Electromagnetic compatibility of EC directives
UNI EN ISO 12100 – 1:12100 Safety Machinery – General Principle Design 1
UNI EN ISO 12100 – 2:12100 Safety Machinery – General Principle Design 2
UNI EN 1525:1999 Safety Industrial Unmanned Vehicle Specification
UNI EN 1175 – 1:1175 battery-powered vehicle safety specification
UNI EN ISO 13849 – 1:13849 Design specification for safety part control systems
CEI EN 60204 – 1:60204 General safety requirements for machines for mechanical and electrical equipment

Intelligent AGVS system open interactive intelligent warehouse management AGV logistics system. The advantages apply directly to all manufacturing industries:

Optimized space
Inventory control
Control processing
Improve efficiency
Management of loading and unloading operations
Find materials and locations
Faster selection
Reduce errors
Detailed log report
For a variety of devices that use the network and software to communicate and interact:

Computer WindowsTM
Panel and button controller
Wireless handheld device
Non-contact automatic identification device
Optimize traffic flow by vehicle, traffic and mission.
Distributed dynamics of the same value interval between workflows.
24/7 possibility operation without manual intervention
No traditional source infrastructure required
Reduce growth for operational operations
Update may not shut down the system
Simply reconfigure the line or add a new machine
Manual repositioning of the recovered car
Deliver on time
Destinationless error
Improve inventory management accuracy
Defects in the control circuit design of the AGV car, design structure defects may directly lead to dangerous situations. China's AGV design specification is based on its author's lack of one-sidedness in the professionalism of the AGV technology and the understanding of safety. The design of the AGV robot is designed and manufactured according to the EU's AGV robot specifications.

EU's AGV Robot Safety Specification (EN954-1 1998 E, EN ISO 13849 – 1 2006). The safety system is conceived and designed to ensure maximum safety. Passive mechanical bumpers and active obstacle avoidance equipment (Note: self-developed sonar barrier scanners, infrared array obstacle avoidance systems) for perimeter obstacle detection and safety distance control, because we regard the safety system as an important aspect of the design.

Complete on-site service and continuous support maintenance program, strict annual maintenance contract operation specifications ensure that our AGV trolley runs efficiently.

remote Assistance
We use software and network connectivity to ensure remote assistance eliminates downtime, and intelligent self-test and remote upgrade software platforms ensure that our AGV products provide timely technical support nationwide. The powerful AGV system host is connected to the Internet, and we are able to quickly reach a device at the requested address.


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