What can AGV robots bring to the company?

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What can AGV robots bring to the company? When your mind is still immersed in the Chaplin movie "Modern Times" and irritated by the modern industrial production line, a "robot revolution" is about to come. The robot brings not only a technological change in a simple production mode, but also an important guarantee for the continuous improvement of the quality of human life. By adopting new technologies, developing new formats, and implementing new models, intelligent robots promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries and enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry. Here we share with you: What can AGV robots bring to the company?

What can AGV robots bring to the company?

AGV application diagram

Summary: The rapid development of AGV robots has a huge impact on enterprises

First, AGV robots can increase production efficiency and product quality. The robot does not stop during the operation, the quality of the product is less affected by human factors, and the product quality is more stable.

What can AGV robots bring to the company?

AGV application diagram

Second, it can reduce business costs. In the large-scale production, one AGV robot can replace two to four industrial workers, depending on the specific conditions of the enterprise; the robot is not fatigued and can be continuously produced 24 hours a day.

Third, AGV robots are easy to arrange production plans. Due to the high repeatability of the robot, as long as the parameters are given, they will always follow the instructions, so the production plan is very clear.

Fourth, AGV robots can shorten the cycle of product retrofits and reduce the investment in traditional pipeline equipment. The biggest difference between AGV robots and special planes is that they can adapt to the production of different workpieces by modifying the program and running path. When updating the model, it only needs to quickly change the action path according to the updated product process requirements and personnel equipment configuration. The AGV robot body does not need to be modified. Product updates and device updates can be made by simply changing the corresponding program command.

Fifth, AGV robots can save workers from a variety of harsh and dangerous environments and improve employees' work well-being.

Sixth, AGV robots have the communication compatibility of extremely connected devices, and AGV robots can be easily integrated into your existing production equipment system.

How can intelligent AGV robots bring benefits to enterprises?

Why are AGVs being introduced in large numbers by more and more companies? What benefits can AGV bring to the company? With these questions, we went deep into domestic manufacturing companies to learn more about the needs of representative manufacturing companies in the electronics, home appliances, and automotive industries, and introduced intelligent AGVs for practical verification to fully and objectively understand the benefits and significance of intelligent AGVs for enterprises.

1. Immediate economic benefits: Take the XRPS200 general-purpose intelligent AGV as an example - you can reach 3~5 carrying employees plus a traditional forklift (depending on the logistics dependence strength), no salary and social security, and the minimum monthly wage of workers is 2,500 yuan + Room and board 1000 + other consumption of 200, three workers without negative completion is 11,000 yuan, one year is 130,000 yuan. AGV is not tired, not on vacation, working continuously for 24 hours; not emotional, can consistently follow the instructions to complete the logistics tasks of all aspects of the production line, avoiding human error; on time, it is easier to regulate production order and help the overall efficiency of production increase 20 % or more, calculated by a factory with a monthly output value of 100 million yuan, an increase of 20% is equivalent to 20 million, which is quite impressive!

2. People-oriented work environment benefits: People-oriented work environment improvement, improve employee work comfort and reduce employee turnover. With a wide variety of AGVs and versatility, AGV is not afraid of danger and boring. It can work in toxic and harmful environments... The AGV is small and flexible, and can be easily transported in small spaces to save and flexibly utilize your site resources.

3. Benefits of technological progress: As the most practical mobile robot, intelligent AGV robot can be used as a flexible working platform to meet the ever-changing new demands of the process, and to enhance and promote the continuous innovation of the company's existing production technology and equipment to promote technology upgrade.

4. Management Benefits: Intelligent AGV as autonomous driving, no driver; maintenance-free and automatic self-test, easy to operate; Intelligent AGV system can realize intelligent scheduling, avoiding AGV blocking queues during work, and always keeping the production order busy and orderly. More manageable.

5. Employee quality improvement: Many companies using intelligent AGV have achieved unmanned production in many positions, not only reducing the number of employees, but also changing the overall use of employees from simple hands-on to brain.


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