Application of compact industrial grade wireless client in AGV system

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With the continuous improvement of modern warehouse management systems, engineers use a large number of AGVs (automatic guided vehicles) to replace traditional manual forklifts, which can reduce operating costs and greatly improve efficiency. In order to ensure the reliability of the operation, the engineers have to manage and monitor the AGVs in the entire warehouse, so they use an automatic identification and data acquisition (AIDC) technology to achieve this function through the WLAN network.

In order to navigate and monitor the travel of unmanned AGVs on the workspace channel, uninterrupted data acquisition and transmission must be performed via on-board sensors and transceivers. The AGV with such a small space is equipped with more than 20 sensors and controllers, so that the size of each component must be considered as an important factor in system design. The Moxa AWK-1121/1127 series of wireless clients support 802.11 a/b/g and are Moxa's smallest industrial-grade wireless clients. The product design is compact, even lower than the height of a can of soda, so that it can be placed in the AGV, which does not take up space, and can effectively integrate other components to achieve wireless communication of AGV data.

In addition to its compact size, the AWK-1121/1127 series also supports the 802.11 a/b/g standard and Moxa's patented TurboRoamingTM fast roaming switching technology for fast switching within 100ms. Not only that, but also the industrial grade IP30 housing for harsh industrial environments. Simply install an AWK-1121 on the AGV, and engineers can remotely control the AGV's driving, storage, and retrieval of goods. The process is very reliable and stable, creating a more sensitive and efficient warehouse maintenance system.

System architecture diagram

Application of compact industrial grade wireless client in AGV system

Application of compact industrial grade wireless client in AGV system

system requirement

Small size to meet AGV installation requirements
Ensure that all AGV navigation in the warehouse is undisturbed


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