Five developing trends of  AGV

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The automatic guidance vehicle, AGV, is the rechargeable transportation vehicle that equipped with electric-magnetic or optical automatic guidance equipment, driven automatically through fixed route, and functions of safety protection, loading and unloading.

Five developing trends of  AGV

Five developing trends of  AGV

1, The market of AGV are  being developed in two ways, one is for high-level market of high automation, the other one is low-level market of circulation domain, offices of human connection.

2, AGV are being developed to multi-mode of guidance, intelligence. The key for premade transportation plan and performing advantage of driverless transportation vehicle is the guidance system. The electric-magnetic guidance mode was the earliest one to develop, and it’s been used most widely. But due to the shortages of electric-magnetic guidance, then the optical, magnetic rock, laser, mark tracing and graphic transferring modes showed up. Numerous guidance modes fully embodies the high flexibility, efficiency, reliability, and low-cost features, and the AGV are being developed to intelligence, which makes AGV perform better.

3, When analyzing and verifying the engineering feasibility to AGV, the system simulation method has been used more and more. Experts have made AGV easier for users to operate by simulating language, and the simulation cost is getting lower. Usually the simulating system contains color graph input and displaying system, simulation processor and language.

4, AGV/AGV module design and research, many modules features are the same between different AGVs, the best way for adapting different usage demand and shortening new product developing period is to make modularization as design method, design different feature modules into different series, make combination according to specific usage requirement.

5, Now more and more AGV control systems have functions of material tracing and information storage for “on-time” production, which allows communication between AGV or any other controller.


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