Hybrid Navigation AGV Introduction

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Hybrid navigation

Hybrid navigation is a collection of multiple navigations that are based on changes in the field environment. Due to changes in the on-site environment, some navigation can not meet the requirements temporarily, and then switch to another navigation mode to continue to meet the continuous operation of the AGV.

Hybrid Navigation AGV Introduction

Hybrid navigation technology


Optical navigation

Optical navigation actually uses industrial camera recognition. The navigation is divided into ribbon tracking navigation, two-dimensional code recognition and so on. Next, I will re-write an article detailing the principles of optical navigation.

Hybrid Navigation AGV Introduction

Optical navigation - ribbon navigation

Hybrid Navigation AGV Introduction

Amazon KIVA robot

At present, Amazon's storage robot AGV is realized by optical navigation (the above figure is attached with a two-dimensional code on the ground, and the KIVA robot realizes positioning and auxiliary actions by recognizing the two-dimensional code). Since the Amazon KIVA robot only serves Amazon, the ninth generation of KAVI has already served the Amazon warehouse. Because domestic e-commerce also has the same demand, many domestic storage robots AGV are designed according to Amazon's KIVA process.

For example, the domestic Xinsong company also has a self-developed storage robot, which is basically level with the Amazon KIVA from the appearance and function of the appearance.

The main purpose of this paper is to give you a preliminary understanding of AGV navigation technology. In life, many people do not understand what AGV, what AGV does, how to drive AGV, and what are AGV navigation? I am engaged in AGV work, in order to let everyone know about AGV, focus on AGV, and popularize AGV related knowledge. There are deficiencies in the text, I hope everyone can understand. (Source: Today's headline AGV technology)


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