Laser navigation AGV car technology continues to mature

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A new navigation application technology developed with the increasing maturity of laser navigation technology. It is suitable for operation navigation and field surveying and direction determination in the field environment with poor line of sight, and is particularly suitable for civil and military navigation.

The laser navigation AGV car uses the laser radar as a sensor to detect the external surrounding environment, so as to achieve navigation and positioning. Compared with other navigation methods, laser navigation AGV has the characteristics of high reliability and flexibility, and has been widely used in various fields of manufacturing.

Laser navigation AGV car technology continues to mature

Laser navigation is a navigation method that is covered with reflectors on the AGV driving path. The AGV emits a laser beam to reflect on the reflector and performs trilateral calculations to obtain the current position coordinates.

During the driving of the AGV, the AGV laser navigation will emit a beam of laser light, which is reflected on the reflector, and the current position coordinates are obtained through trilateral calculations, thereby realizing the laser navigation AGV.

Note: Due to the large flow of people in the open workshop and the frequent movement of equipment, which may hinder the laser, the reflector is generally installed in a place with high people.

The laser scene navigation AGV adopts the current advanced SLAM robot positioning technology in the world, which can draw the path map of the AGV and easily realize the flexible global deployment of the AGV. Simply put, when the AGV robot walks in an unfamiliar environment, it will automatically scan and generate an electronic map of the scene. This electronic map is generated by stitching tens of thousands of coordinate points per second by the AGV laser, and then arbitrarily created on a known map The work station is the attribute, and the AGV is matched with the known reference map coordinates in real time during the driving movement, so as to realize the high-precision positioning of the AGV.


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