AGV application field and future development analysis

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  With the acceleration of my country's industrial intelligence, the application of AGV robots has been rapidly improved, and now AGV robots have become commonly used intelligent handling equipment in the manufacturing industry. At present, AGV cars have maturely penetrated into various types of manufacturing industries such as smart storage, automobiles, tobacco, medicine, food, chemicals, printing, and 3C electronics. In the manufacturing industry, there is still huge development potential in the application space of AGV.


AGV application field and future development analysis

AGV robot

  Application areas of AGV

  With labor costs increasing year by year and fierce competition, the manufacturing industry uses AGV to achieve highly flexible and scalable automated logistics, so as to reduce costs, improve efficiency, improve quality and shorten product production cycles. The application advantages of AGV trolleys in the manufacturing industry are mainly reflected in the following two aspects: First, AGV trolleys can achieve 24-hour continuous operation without human involvement, reducing labor and greatly improving the handling efficiency of products and materials. 2. The AGV system can be docked with the existing MES, ERP and other systems in the factory to realize full digital management, which can effectively avoid human factors and improve the level of production quality.

  The application of magnetic navigation AGV in the manufacturing industry has greatly improved the degree of factory automation and production efficiency. However, with the increasing demand for customization, the manufacturing industry hopes that the flexibility of automated production lines and logistics handling systems can be higher. At this time, the magnetic navigation AGV obviously cannot meet the requirements. In this context, the more flexible and flexible SLAM laser AGV car can better meet the needs of customized production, so it has developed rapidly.

AGV application field and future development analysis

Laser AGV

  AGV future development analysis

  The market development space is huge. In recent years, AGV robot application fields have taken the lead from traditional fields such as automobiles, e-commerce warehousing, electronics, etc., to emerging fields such as new energy, environmental protection equipment, high-end equipment, warehousing and logistics; At the same time, AGV robot companies everywhere The solution is also extending from traditional automobile and 3C manufacturing to new scenarios and new industries. In the future, the scale and number of AGV robots will continue to expand.

  The localization of core core components is an inevitable trend. At present, my country has taken breakthroughs in the key core technology of AGV robots as an important strategy for scientific and technological development. Domestic manufacturers have overcome some of the problems in key core components such as reducers, sensors, servo controls, and servo motors. The speed of localization of core components Exceeding expectations, the trend gradually emerged.

  With the advent of 5G, driven by its three major characteristics: low latency, high bandwidth, and high speed, the application range of AGVs will continue to expand, the environment that AGVs need to face is becoming more diverse, and the requirements for AGV technology are also increasing. High, the future development direction of upper technology should be big data (+ Internet). In the early stage, it can quickly reorganize new production units to adapt to changes in the process; secondly, it can achieve greater flexibility in the application and implementation of AGV under the premise of industrial-grade stability and precision; in the same place with humans, human-machine collaborative work.

  More stringent AGV robot industry specifications. Under the background of "a hundred flowers blooming" for domestically-made AGV robots, the formulation of strict industry regulations will help the AGV robot industry to maintain a sound and orderly development.


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