Advantages and disadvantages of working principle of AGV car laser navigation

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Nowadays, many warehousing and logistics companies have begun to use AGV cars , so what is the principle of the navigation method of AGV cars ? What are the advantages? Let's let the editor popularize this knowledge for everyone.

Advantages and disadvantages of working principle of AGV car laser navigation

figure 1

Laser navigation: The AGV car installs a precise reflector on the driving path. The AGV emits a laser beam while collecting the laser beam reflected by the reflector to determine its current position and direction. Calculation of the initial position of the AGV trolley: the AGV trolley is stopped, the laser scanner can measure at least 4 beams, and at least 4 reflectors can be seen. At the precise position (X, Y) of the known reflector, the AGV will continuously calculate the trolley The current position is associated with the reflector based on the estimated new position to correct its own position to correct the next move.

The advantage of laser navigation is that the AGV car is positioned accurately, and no other positioning facilities are needed on the ground, and the driving path can be flexibly changed.

The disadvantage of laser navigation is that due to the complicated control of laser navigation and the expensive investment cost of laser technology, the reflector and AGV laser sensor cannot directly have obstacles, which is not suitable for occasions with logistics impact in the air.

The above is the principle of the laser navigation of the AGV car. I hope to help you. There will be more information in the future, please pay attention to us!


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