Analyze the development status and future trends of AGV technology

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  AGV is a high-tech emerging in the field of modern automation. In recent years, AGV technology has been continuously developed and improved, and has been rapidly widely used in various fields. Intelligent, flexible and safe AGV unmanned handling greatly improves the automation level of logistics operations. Today, MiKlimi will give you a brief introduction to the basic principles, development status and future development prospects of AGV cars.

Analyze the development status and future trends of AGV technology

AGV car

  1. Basic principles of AGV handling equipment

  The guidance of the AGV (Guidance) refers to the calculation of the actual control command value of the AGV according to the target value provided by the path of the AGV according to the position information obtained by the navigation sensor (Navigation) of the AGV, that is, the set speed and steering of the AGV Angle, this is the key to AGV control technology. Simply put, the guidance control of AGV is AGV trajectory tracking.

  2. AGV technology and status quo

  1. The basic concept of AGV trolley

  According to the definition of the American Logistics Association, AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) refers to equipment equipped with electromagnetic or optical guidance devices, capable of driving in accordance with prescribed guidance routes, with trolley operation and parking devices, safety protection devices, and various transfer functions. Transport trolley. In my country's national standard ``Logistics Terminology'', the definition of AGV trolley is: it has an automatic guidance device, can travel along a prescribed path, and has a programming and parking selection device, a safety protection device, and various material transfer functions on the body. Of handling vehicles.

  2. Introduction to the characteristics of AGV trolley

  The AGV trolley can accurately walk and park to the designated location according to path planning and operation requirements, and automatically complete a series of transportation operations. AGV trolley has the advantages of high level of automation, high work efficiency, strong controllability, and good safety. In the automated logistics system, AGV can fully reflect its automation and flexibility, and realize efficient, economical and flexible unmanned transport.

  3. Development status of AGV technology

  (1) The development of guidance technology with preset reference media is becoming more mature and stable

Analyze the development status and future trends of AGV technology

Guided AGV with preset reference medium

  The guidance technology with preset reference medium refers to the guidance technology that needs to preset the reference medium on the pre-planned walking path of the AGV or associate the reference medium with the walking path of the AGV. It includes magnetic strip guidance, Magnetic point guidance, two-dimensional code guidance, RFID guidance, laser reflector guidance technology, etc. In recent years, the guidance technology with preset reference medium represented by magnetic guidance, two-dimensional code guidance, and reflector guidance has been widely used in AGV products of domestic and foreign manufacturers. The technology development level has become more mature and stable, and the cost It has gradually declined and has mature applications in various industries.

Analyze the development status and future trends of AGV technology

AGV without preset reference medium

  (2) SLAM guidance technology without a preset reference medium is a current research hotspot

  The technical difficulty of the SLAM guidance technology without a preset reference medium is relatively advanced navigation methods. For example, the laser AGV series products of Mikelima adopt the SLAM guidance technology without a preset reference medium. Compared with the guidance technology that has a preset reference medium, the SLAM guidance technology does not require other positioning facilities, no need to set up reference markers on the site, and no need to worry about the reference markers on the AGV path being blocked by the complex environment of the site. The form path is flexible and changeable, and can adapt to various on-site environments and other advantages. In the near future, SLAM guidance technology is very likely to replace the traditional guidance technology with a preset reference medium and become the mainstream navigation method for AGV in the future.

  (3) The function of AGV trolley shows multi-purpose development

  With the wide application of AGV trolleys, the market has higher and higher requirements for AGV products' adaptability, functional requirements, positioning accuracy, and carrying capacity, and the functions of AGV trolleys are showing versatility. Taking the carrying capacity as an example, the general product carrying capacity of domestic AGV companies is below 3 tons. At present, there is a certain demand for AGVs with a handling capacity of more than 10 tons or even dozens of tons. Due to the earlier development of foreign AGVs and the wider application of AGVs in the industry, there is still a certain gap between domestic and foreign countries in terms of vehicle functional diversity.

  3. Prospects for the development of AGV

  From the perspective of AGV development trend, the AGV industry is very worthy of investment, and the development potential of AGV is also huge. On the one hand, as AGV products become more abundant, AGV will be more integrated with the Internet and big data technology, so that the perception ability and independent decision-making ability of the logistics system can be improved, and the degree of intelligence will be significantly improved. On the other hand, with the development of the AGV industry, the increasing demand for AGV, the maturity of technology and the reduction of cost will promote the further expansion of the application range of AGV.


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