What is the difference between AGV intelligent picking and traditional picking mode?

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  With the advent of the era of intelligence, more and more fields have begun to become intelligent, and one of the most prominent areas is intelligent storage. In intelligent warehousing, you can see a variety of robots such as transportation robots, storage robots, AGV robots and robotic arms that reach and grab. Among them, the application of AGV robots in the field of intelligent warehousing makes up for the traditional picking labor. The shortcomings of reduced cargo efficiency and error-proneness have greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy of picking.

What is the difference between AGV intelligent picking and traditional picking mode?

AGV intelligent picking

  It is understood that Gome’s Tianjin and Guangzhou intelligent warehouses are equipped with more than 100 AGV robots, which has increased the picking by nearly 270% and shortened the overall operation time by nearly 30%. Its AGV robot picking efficiency reaches an average of 360 pieces/hour, and its picking accuracy rate reaches 99.99%. It takes no more than 6 minutes from receiving the order to picking and leaving the warehouse. It can be seen that the application of AGV robots in the field of intelligent warehousing has a very good effect. It not only improves space utilization, accuracy and work efficiency, but also reduces the labor intensity of employees.

  As for the difference between AGV smart picking and traditional picking mode, I believe many friends are still not very clear. Today, the editor of Miklimmei will tell you the difference between the two.

  Technical aspects

  Robots are a typical representative of the development of science and technology, and are designed with advanced technologies in various fields such as sensor technology, computer technology, communication technology, and artificial intelligence. In terms of technology, AGV robots have obvious advantages. AGV robots have the advantages of intelligence, high degree of automation, sensitivity, and safety. In contrast, the traditional picking mode appears to be relatively backward.


  In addition, in terms of benefits, the traditional picking mode cannot be compared with AGV. The picking mode of the AGV robot is "goods to people". The AGV robot moves the goods to people or fixed points, which realizes the movement of goods and the people do not move. Compared with the traditional "people to goods" picking mode, it is more efficient The number has doubled. AGV intelligent picking greatly reduces the moving distance of staff, greatly improves work efficiency, greatly reduces labor intensity, and has outstanding advantages in storage density and labor saving.

  Dependence on people

  The traditional picking mode requires a large number of picking personnel and is highly dependent on people. During the peak period of business volume on holidays, a large number of temporary picking personnel must be recruited, and the work efficiency is greatly reduced. In contrast, AGV intelligent picking, automatically sends the goods to the picking personnel, and operates continuously for 24 hours, which saves a lot of manpower and greatly reduces the dependence on people.

  In smart warehousing, the speed and quality of picking operations play a decisive role in the efficiency of distribution centers. Therefore, how to improve picking efficiency has attracted more and more attention from enterprises. Mikelimi's intelligent AGV trolley can significantly improve the sorting efficiency, order accuracy and space utilization rate and is favored by many enterprises. With the rapid development of the AGV industry, it is believed that in the near future, AGV robots will not only affect smart warehousing, manufacturing and other fields, but also affect more fields, and their applications will be more extensive.


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