How to use AGV? What are the relevant precautions?

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The level of science and technology is developing rapidly, and the production capacity is constantly improving. At present, high-tech products are widely used in many fields. Through the application of various high-tech products, it is helpful to the development of the industry. Especially in the era of intelligent industry, the application of robots in the future will become very extensive and will be used in various fields. Especially nowadays, in the field of intelligent logistics, AGV automatic guided trucks are used. AGV realizes intelligent handling and is an important part of the intelligent logistics system. Under normal circumstances, the service life of Miklimi AGV can be as long as ten years, in order to better play the role of AGV. So in our daily use of AGV, we need to master the correct use method, and at the same time we should strengthen maintenance and precautions.

How to use AGV? What are the relevant precautions?


Daily maintenance methods of AGV trolley: 1. Regularly clean the dust and debris of the AGV body to keep it clean and hygienic. 2. The operation panel should be checked regularly to ensure that the buttons on the panel can be used normally. 3. Regularly check whether the sensors on the car are working properly, including mechanical anti-collision sensors, obstacle sensors, etc. Generally, they are checked once a week. Fourth, check the antenna communication regularly, keep the communication normal, and strictly prohibit rain or contact with corrosive objects. 5. When using AGV, you should pay attention to starting the central control system. Under normal operation, it is strictly prohibited to modify the program parameters. 6. Clean the transmission mechanism of the driving wheel regularly and add lubricating oil at least once a month.

In the daily use process, in order to better exert the relevant efficiency of AGV and meet the needs of industry development, it is also necessary to understand the relevant precautions, which is relatively important. Attention should be paid to keep the AGV operation panel clean and clean, and to clean dust, oil and other debris every day. Since the touch screen, music box and other electrical components in the operation panel are easily damaged by moisture, they should be kept dry. When cleaning the AGV operation panel, you should wipe it with a damp cloth. Of course, relevant precautions should be clarified at this time. Never use corrosive cleaning agents, otherwise it will cause certain damage to the AGV. When moving, the drive must be raised. If the drive cannot be lifted up, the power should be turned off. Of course, items cannot be placed on the AGV operation panel.


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