The development trend of omnidirectional AGV mobile robots

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AGV omnidirectional mobile robots are now widely used in the manufacturing industry and become an important part of smart factories and smart workshops. In the production of the manufacturing industry, AGV carts are used to replace workers for loading, handling, unloading, etc., which realizes the automation of workshop logistics and greatly improves the level of production automation. Through the perfect combination of AGV trolley and production line, each link of transportation, loading and unloading can be automatically completed without manual participation, and it can automatically record the storage location of the transported goods, and truly realize unmanned management.

With the continuous expansion of the application range, the environment that AGV needs to face is becoming more and more diversified, and the requirements for AGV technology are getting higher and higher. The future development direction of upper technology should be big data (+ Internet), so that AGV real information And intelligent. At the same time, as the industry is gradually subdivided and subdivided, it is necessary to increase the standardization, serialization, and generalization of AGV special devices and even mechanical accessories, and the standardization of software and electrical interfaces is necessary.

1. Flexibility: Automation and informatization require processing robots to improve parts processing accuracy and production efficiency, and shorten product manufacturing cycles.2. High precision: AGV intelligent handling trolley needs to improve the operation accuracy, monitoring accuracy and obstacle avoidance accuracy.3. Application of multimedia technology: AGV intelligent handling robot greatly facilitates the use of non-professional users, and can be directly operated through the operation interface menu or tablet computer.

The development trend of omnidirectional AGV mobile robots

The application of AGV in the manufacturing industry can make the output and quality more stable. During the work process of the AGV, the time consumption of each operation link is fixed, which cannot be done manually. If the time consumption of each finished product is fixed, then the output will be more stable and the yield rate will be more stable. Will be higher. In addition, the stronger safety of AGV can guarantee the work safety of workers to a greater extent, and there will be no accidents caused by work negligence or fatigue.

The competition in the manufacturing industry is essentially the competition between efficiency and cost. Therefore, manufacturing needs to use automation technology to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs in order to maintain a competitive advantage. The AGV omnidirectional mobile robot is an important core component of the automation technology upgrade, and its application in the manufacturing industry will be further expanded.


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